FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


1. Chapeter 1: Re-United

 Cassie's pov

 I sigh as I check my phone. 9:08 it read. Today I was going to see my twin brother Luke who I havent seen in 10 years and i'm super nervous. What am I going to say? 'Oh hey, remeber me Cassie?' Ugh. What if I don't remeber what he looks like? C'mon on Cassie he is you twin brother, how could you not remember him?

 "Hello this is you captin speaking, I am pleased to announce that we will be landing in 20 minutes," I smile to my self as he continues to speak but I dont really pay attention  Instead I put in my ear buds while closing my eyes and wondering if Australia has changed and end up falling asleep.

 I wake up to shaking. I have a mini panic attack due to the fact that I have a slight fear of planes but soon realize that we just landed. After a while they finally let us off the plane.

 I check my phone and see that I have a text.

'Hey its Luke. Im by the bag carousel.'

I start heading in the direction of the bag area and try to ignore the nervous feeling in my stoumach. Thats when I see him. He turns around and smiles.

Then out of complete and utter shock he come running up to me and throws me over his shoulder. "Luke put me down," I say laughing. "No never ever again." He walk over the the baggage claim and puts me on the ground before engulfing me in a tight hug.

"Cassie you don't know how much I missed you," he whispers. "I missed you too," I smile up at him. "When did you get so tall?"," I didnt get taller you just shrunk," he says with a smirk. I stick my toung out at him and get my suit case.

We go to the parking lot and into him black BMW. As he drives off he asks "Cassie whats England like?" "Well its very different from what I was used to. It was hard to adjust after moving away from you and mum. It's nice over there but I missed it here a lot more." He doent reply he just frowns at me. "What," I ask. "You accent is fading."

The rest of the ride was silence, it wasn't awkward though. He just payed attention to the road as I looked out the window remebering what is was like. 

Soon we pull up to my old 2 story house. Tears start forming in my eyes as the memories of Luke and I playing together and our family being together, and happy form in my head. "Please don't cry Cassie," Luke says snapping me out of my daze. 

 "Its just as I remember," I say getting out of his car. After we get In the house he says ," It's kinda late and everybody is sleeping so we can just go watch a movie or something." I nod and we go into the living room. We both sit in the big La-z-boy chair just like we used to.

He smiles as he scrolls through Netflix. "We can watch...," he trails off, "Grownups," We both say at the same time then burst out laughing. He puts the movie one and I snuggle into him.

 "Luke who else lives here?." "Well most of the time it's just me and mum but mum went on a business trip to canada but she will be back in 3 weeks so my friends are staying over. They know about you, they just don't know your here yet." I nod my head and close my eyes before falling asleep.

 Ashton's pov

I woke up and the floor next to Calum I wake him up and we go downstairs to go find Luke. We walk into the living room and see him cuddled with a pretty girl with long brown hair. "Who's that?" Calum asks. I shrug my shoulders and start to wake up Luke. "Leave me the fuck alone," he mumble in his sleep. "Who's the hot babe?" Calum asks.

His eyes shoot open and he glares at Calum. He opens his mouth to say something but the girl wakes up. She looks at us with her deep blue eyes. "Hi," she mumbles. "Hello," me and Calum say in unison. "Um Cassie this is Calum and Ashton," Luke speaks up. Cassie where have I heard that name before?. 

" Are you to a thing," Calum asks. They both look at each other before they burst out laughing while Cal and I just stand there awkwardly. "He's my twin borther\ She's my twin sister," They say at the same time. 

"Where's Mikey?," Luke questions. "Hes still sleeping," I say. "Let's go wake him up." Luke get up and we all go upstairs. "Luke im going into my old room," Cassie says going into the room Luke says never to go in. I look at Calum and hes practically drooling. "Calum your staring " I say laughing. "Oh erm Sorry," he says walking into the guesf bedroom.

"Mikey, Mike wake up." Luke jumps on him. He doesn't move. "Michael, there's a hot girl here, she wants to meet you." Calum says. Luke punches him in the arm. 

"If your lying to me i'm gonna kill you," Mike says. We all laugh at him but when it quiets down we can here a guitar being played. We all look at each other before following Luke into Cassie's room. We crack to door open and her back is turned to us.

She starts singing somewhere over the rainbow while we all listen. She stops in the middle of the song and breaks out in tears. We all Give Luke that 'What do we do' look and he mouths ill explain later. He walks into the room and hugs her.

"Oh my god Lucas, How long have you guys been standing there," she says wiping her eyes. "Hey! dont call me that Cassidy," Luke pouts. "You dont call me that," she replies. We all walk into her room and sit on the bed looking around. She had a normal queen bed with floral sheets and her walls were lime green. She aslo had a white book shelf, dresser and desk with a lime green chair.

 "Have you guys never been in here?" Cassie asks. "Erm no every time we ask Luke yells at us," Michael says laughing. "Why were you crying," Calum asks. She sighs and sits down on Luke's Lap before continuing.

 Cassie's pov

 "10 years ago My mom and dad were arguing. I was crying and Luke was Holding me. Then dad came in grabed me and put me in the car and said 'we are going for a ride' he drove to an airport and took me to England. I never saw or heard from them again... And then dad went golfing with his friends came back and said he wasnt feeling well so I took him to the hostpital and they wouldnt tell me what was wrong with him. Then one of the nurses told me the he died." Luke wipes my tears off and I notice that he's crying to. "So Because i'm still under age, they sent me back home." They all shot apologetic looks at me.

"Im so sorry Cassie." Luke hugs me and barries his head in my neck while stroking my hair. After he lets go I say "Do you guys want breakfast?" They all nod theirs heads. Especially Michael, he looke like a bobble head. 

We all go into the kitchen and I pull out the eggs, bacon, and pancake mix. 25 mintues later I had 15 pancakes a skillet full of scrambled aggs and a bunch of bacon. I handed the boys their plates and they instantly start suffing their faces while moaning of food pleasure. 

I laugh at them wile taking a bite of my eggs. "This is so good!" Michael say taking another bite of his pancakes. They all nod their heads in agreement. "What are we doing today?" Calum swallows his food and says ," Lets go to the bordwalk and beach. "That sounds fun!" I say.

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