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8. ~For Taylor (Slytherinprincess16)~

Taylor's POV:

Dylan and I have been dating for over 2 years now. It's crazy I know no one thought someone like me would be with someone like Dylan O'Brian. I still remember where we met....




I was hiking alone up a mountain about an hour away from home and I had no service. Hopefully I don't need it I just want a day to relax. I get to a flat area and look around at what I can see there is someone else hiking alone about 150 yards away. "Welp if I fall and get stuck hopefully they can come help me." I say out loud.


I shouldn't have said that.....


I miss judge the length and my feet miss when I tried to swing myself up one foot got caught and the other can't get a grip anywhere I look for a way to get to a safe point... I can't see any..... I hear a yell "Hey are you okay!?" the voice screams. "I...I....Can't get back up!!" I yell back. "Okay don't move I will come help you!" the voice yells back. I try to stay still but there is a big gust of wind that keeps pushing me..... My rope slips..... I fall a few feet. I scream in pain I think I just broke my ankle. The voice is close now. I feel a pair of strong hands grab my waist and push me up. I see his face. I know it from somewhere.


Dylan's POV: (in the flashback)

I heard her scream and my heart stopped. I look over I am only 20 yards away now. She is hanging upside down and her foot or leg looks broken. I will have to help her down this mountain after I get her unstuck hopefully she doesn't freak if she finds out it's me. I have on sunglasses maybe that will help. I get to her and instantly push her back up by her waist and then I try to get her foot out without moving it that much.


She is free...


Taylor's POV:


I am free...


The guy has me hook on to him and we go back down to the flat area I was on earlier. He inspects my ankle... I swear he looks familiar. "Do I know you from somewhere?'' I ask. "Uhhh you might" he says back. "Any idea where?" I ask.  "Well... I am an actor" he says while taking off his sunglasses. "Oh you are in maze runner right?" I ask. "Yeah I am." he says. "Cool cool I have only seen it like once."


Dylan's POV:

HALLELUJAH!!! She isn't going to freak on me.

We spend the rest of the day slowly going back down the mountain. When we reach the bottom I carry her to my car and drive to the hospital.


Yep broken... 5 different spots.. She has to stay overnight. I ask if she has any friends she can call to get her car but the doctor says she can drive in the morning because it was her left foot that is broken.


I am going to stay with her.


We just talked and laughed all night I have never been happier.


~End of flashback~


Taylor's POV:


Tonight Dylan and I are going hiking. He didn't tell me where


Dylan's POV:


We are going to the same mountain we met

I drive and tell her she can't know till we get there. I had some friends go to the flat part where we met and set up a nice picnic for us.


When we get there she looks a bit hesitant at her ankle and back up again. "I am right next to you babe. Let's go."


We get to the spot.


Everything is perfect.


I get down on one knee and pull out a ring I was hiding.


Taylor's POV:

I see the picnic and turn to look at him he is on one knee holding out a ring.


"Taylor I have loved the past 2 years and I will love you forever more. So will you do me the honor and become my wife?" he asks.



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