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7. ~For Maerin (Kitfox)~

Maerin's POV:

I have been listed at the adoption agency for 2 years now... I got dropped off at age 10. I feel like no one will love me enough to take me home


 ~Then it all changed~


Harry's POV: If I'm going to be stuck on the tour bus for the next 3 months I might as well enjoy some fresh air. I might just go to the park near my hometown as I'm walking around I see this little girl playing well she's kind of little. She's really short and looks to be maybe 12 or 13ish

Moments later an older woman comes out of the nearby adoption agency and yells "Maerin it's time to go somebody who might adopt you is coming later." The women says. "Really?" The girl questions. "No not really it's just dinner time and you run faster when I say that." The lady says. I don't know what came over me but I felt I needed to adopt that girl.

Everyone is going to think I'm crazy but who cares she needs to be in a better place than the adoption agency. I walk in and immediately say "I need to speak with a little girl that was in the park earlier I think you said her name was Maerin." "Umm sir may I ask why you want to see her?" The lady questions. "Because I want to adopt her of course" I say.

After a lot of paperwork Maerin walks out with a tiny suitcase of her belongings and we walk to my apartment.


Maerin POV

We sit at his table and start to eat dinner. All of the sudden I want to ask a question. "Um so what do I have to call you? I ask "Do you want me to call you Dad or..." "You can just call me Harry or umm I don't know I know I have custody of you but I want to be like an older brother and a friend not a parent to you."he says.

Well okay then.

He tells mer all about a tour we are going on and all the fans I can meet if I want to he tells me that a lot of people with cameras take pictures of him and will probably take pictures of me too. That I should not be scared that me will always be there with me.

This is going to be all right.

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