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2. ~For Gabby~

Gabby's POV:

So my name's Gabby, some basics are I am 17 with dirty blond hair with grey tips. I have glasses too. I am a funny, kinda shy and a bit on the weird side kinda girl. Oh and I am Luke Hemmings girlfriend. Its not as great as everyone thinks.

Luke and I were sitting together on the couch doing the usual on a good day, trying to make each other laugh, he can never win. I turn and sit almost on top of him, make a funny face then tickle him. "YOU LAUGHED!!! I WIN!!!!" I yell. "Yeah but now...", he pushes me off and sits on my stomach "You're at the disadvantage." He starts tickling me. I wish every day was like this.

If you don't know Luke and I we fight a lot. I mean A LOT! But we always come back I think we are on our 6th time getting back together. Its crazy. And it's never over serious things. All it is, is we both have a bad day and tick each other off and scream and fight. It usually takes a day for us to get over it but so what ya know.

Today we have broken a record! it has been 2 months since we "broke up" We have dinner tonight to celebrate. Luke rented out the whole place, I can't wait to meet him there. He had an interview but said he would meet me there. I am driving there and all of a sudden I hear a loud horn and everything goes black.

Luke's POV:

Near the end of my interview I get a call. It says Unknown number. I answer and a women's voice asks "Is this Lukas Robert Hemmings?" "Uh yeah" I respond. "We need you to come down to the hospital on 54th street as soon as you can." She tells me. "Can I have a reason?'' " You were the only emergency contact in Miss. Gabby's phone." Gabby, is she alright?!?'' I ask panicked. "Umm well we are not certain yet please just come down to the hospital."the woman adds. "Ok I am on my way."

~The Ride There~

I hope she is ok. I don't know what to do with out her. I just can't think straight. ''Woah mate get it together you almost hit that pole. Maybe we should pull over and I drive" Ashton says. "No no I am ok." I respond.

~Front desk~

"Where is she?" I ask as calmly as I can. "Room 15b" the lady at the desk tells me, "down the hall to the left and take a right you'll see it. I run as fast as I can with the guys behind me. I find the room and walk in. She is covered in bandages. "She is stable for now" the nurse says behind me.

~5 days later~

''You need sleep mate" says Calum. ''No today feels different I wanna be here." I say. I look at Gabby "Please just wake up."

Gabby's POV:

I can see Luke but I can't open my eyes all the way I hear him tell me that if I wake up he will make sure we never fight again. He is crying. I take all of my focus and strength and try to squeeze his hand. It is faint but he feels it. He looks up startled. I then try and open my eyes. I do enough to see clearly. He is so happy to see my eyes open. He gets up and hugs me as lightly as he can so he doesn't hurt me. He then calls for a nurse and they run a lot of tests and stuff. Some say it's a miracle and was not sure if I was going to wake up. Luke tells me everything and how he is so sorry he made me get in that crash and that it should of been him and a ton of other stuff I tell him no its not your fault on.I told him I heard the promise and want to fulfill it. 

And we do...


Gabby hope you enjoyed it!


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