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4. ~For Emily~

Ashton's Pov

We have a meet and greet today. I have never loved those. It is always the same, screaming fans, flashes and yelling. The only reason I show up is because of how much I love the fans. I always see all these pretty girls but none of them interest me that much.

~Little did he know someone who will change his life completely.~

Emily's Pov:

My friend Sierra is dragging me with her to some meet and greet with her fav band 5 seconds of summer. They are ok I guess. But I have never been to a meet and greet so I guess I am kinda excited. It will be fun. I am a drummer and there is one in the band named Ashton. He seems cool.

I slept over at Sierra's house because she wanted to leave early. I ware my light brown hair in a messy bun, my black glasses,black beanie, my favorite blue and black flannel shirt,and black skinny jeans. To be honest I look straight out of tumblr.

We headed out the door. I drove because I thought Sierra would kill us in a crash.from all her excitement. When we get there I open the door and grab my bag and drum sticks and walk to the door. I knew we wouldn't be the first ones here. It will be cool to have a famous band member sign my drum sticks. 

Ashton's Pov:

I look at all the screaming fans that surround us. On catches my eye she is this really pretty girl that has drumsticks in her back pocket. I wonder if it is for looks or if she really plays. When she finally gets up to me all she does is take pictures of her friend and they start to leave. I grab her arm and say wait don't leave yet. She asks why and I say that she is the prettiest girl I can see in this room and I want to get to know her. I ask if I can sign her drum sticks and she hands them over saying sure that would be nice. I write keep drummin' and my name on one and my name and number on the other. I usually don't give my number to fans because I think they will leak it but she fells different. I feel different. I hope she texts me. 

Emily's Pov:

I see his number and think about him over and over all night. I finally send a text him saying  Is it over yet? To make sure its me he asks me what he gave me at the meet and greet. I say uh. you wrote keep drummin on mu stick and your phone# on the other. He replies with good it is you :) And we talk and talk.

~And that was the start of a wonderful relationship~

The End

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