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3. ~For Amber~ Ps. Sorry this took forever.....

Amber's POV:

I have known Niall as long as I can remember. Then one day he introduced me to someone named Harry Styles. Lets be real here for a split second: he was gorgeous I mean DANG! I had know idea how my cute dorky best friend named Niall had a friend this hot... I mean I thought Niall was kinda cute but Harry..... Ooh whole new level. 


I knew from the beginning that Harry and I were going to spend a lot of time together cause of Niall. But hey I wasn't complaining! We hung out together so much it was nuts. We went camping and on vacation and other stuff all as a group. We got so close too. If we were camping I kinda switch between who I laid on and stuff. Don't take that the wrong way by any means!!! I mean it like as friends kinda thing.


Then there was trouble.



Niall told me that he knew someone who liked me and wouldn't tell me who. The same with Harry... I noticed that Harry and Niall spent less and less time with each other. One day I was going to Niall's house because he wasn't at school and I was going to drop off work. Same with Harry I thought it was really weird. It was a Friday and they both didn't come to school and didn't text me. So when I pulled in I noticed Harry's truck in the driveway... That's weird I thought.I walk up the porch and hear screaming and slamming of things. I run to the place were the hide-a-key is and open the door. I see both of them with bloody faces and scream. They turn and look at me. I yell at them saying "WHAT THE HELL IS A MATTER WITH YOU TWO!!! YOU HAVE BEEN ACTING SO WEIRD WITH ME AND EACH OTHER!!!" Niall gives me his puppy dog eyes and says '' We have been fighting over you and I'm realizing that it doesn't help.'' I am taken back by this. Fighting over me??!?!?!?!?! "Amber we are so sor..." I hear Harry start but I just leave and walk out. I drive home and lock my door.


~Saturday night~

I hear a tap at my window. I look out and see Niall. He has been in my room before and knows how to get to the window when I'm grounded. I just close the blinds leaving him out there. I never knew Niall or Harry liked me... Harry was so hot and kind. But Niall was that sweet kid that would give up their world to fix yours. I always thought it was stupid and never thought about it to much. Niall knocks again and I open the blinds. He must have known I was going to do that because he just gave me that "I'm sorry look" and tried to get me to open the window.


I do.


I cry.


I hug Niall.


I tell him everything.


I tell him about how he makes me feel and I hit him while saying how stupid it was to fight over me and he just stands there letting me. Knowing he was wrong and lets me get it all out like always. I yell and hug and scream and fight until there is nothing left.

Now its his turn...


He doesn't hit me or scream he just hugs me close and tells me why he did what he did and that he regrets breaking me down and he tells me I'm his everything and that he never wants me to leave. 


I can't hold it in anymore I just look at Niall and we both get it and lean in and the kiss was so passionate and loving I never wanted it to end. "I choose you" I whisper in his ear as he works his was down to my neck. He holds me close and doesn't let go till morning.


I can't look Harry in the eyes and tell him that Niall and I are together so I don't. We keep it secret until Harry forgets about it but I think he knows already just doesn't want to admit defeat.



Hope you like it sorry it too so long!!!

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