I couldn't live without you- a fremione story

Fred and Hermione find love together when Hermione is in her 4th year but they keep it secret for fear of being found so they meet at night and they get dirty


4. in the morning

in the morning we forgot to apparate and when dad came to check on me he saw me and Fred in bed having sex, of course he attacked him and then taught us some ways to protect getting pregnant.

this morning was the first day of Hogwarts and when we got on the train we decided to have sex again but forgot to use the protection charms.


I immediately was sick and went to use the charm to check whether I was pregnant with the charm I was taught.

'utero ego sum,' I said.

a light in my womb grew red and I knew I was pregnant so I told Fred and we went to see Madame Pompfrey who gave me an abortion.  

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