I couldn't live without you- a fremione story

Fred and Hermione find love together when Hermione is in her 4th year but they keep it secret for fear of being found so they meet at night and they get dirty


2. hello Father

Once at the Weasley's we invited father to dinner so I could tell him in person.


I sat next to father and asked him If I could speak to him in the lounge before dinner and that is where I told him I was his daughter and that I wanted him to be my father.

after dinner we travelled to Grimmauld place with harry and the Weasley's, me and Harry got our own rooms because we were Sirius's family and the Weasley's were given guest rooms.

one night after dinner I began speaking to Fred and George, I loved both of them but George was taken with Angelina, who was staying in my room, so I decided to ask Fred how he felt about me and I told him how I felt towards him.

luckily the two of us did have feelings for each other and me, Fred, George and Angelina decided it was best to keep our feelings secret and date secretly.

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