I couldn't live without you- a fremione story

Fred and Hermione find love together when Hermione is in her 4th year but they keep it secret for fear of being found so they meet at night and they get dirty


1. Finding myself

I always thought I was a muggleborn until I had a chat with my mother about why I looked nothing like my father and she said 'that is something I was going to tell you when you became seventeen but since you are asking now I think I should tell you,'

'tell me what?' I asked.

'you see 'mione you are not a mugrel or whatever you call them.' my mum said.

'its a muggle and what do you mean I am not one?' I inquired.

'you see your father is not your father, you see I had an affair with a wizard with long black ruffled hair, I met him at a night club and well one thing led to another, but I never told your father, she told me.

'ok so who is my father' I asked

'a man who you know that goes by the name of Sirius' she said.

'so my father is Sirius Black, Harry's god father?' I said.

'yes,' she told me.

I had to tell him but I decided to first travel to the Burrow to tell the weasleys.

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