What Am I Supposed To Do? (3rd Book In Darcy Anne Styles Trilogy)

"You're not serious" I say, my voice lacking confidence.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I wish I wasn't. It doesn't look good. I recommend you get down here right away." He says, then he hangs up.

I take a few deep breaths, and hear the laughter from the living room. I left the tv on...

I numbly walk in and shut it off, then it clicks. He needs me now. I may lose him.

I sprint up the stairs, grab my purse and keys, and run out the door.

He needs me now. I might lose him. He needs me now. I might lose him.

This runs through my head until I blare the radio, then it clicks. I need to call her.

"Hello." She answers.

"Hey." I reply and I hear a happy laugh.

"Hey Darcy, love!"

"You need to get down here right away, your son needs you now.. It doesn't look good." I say, and I hear all the happiness gone.

"Be there as soon as I can." She says, right to the point, then hangs up.

Finally it sets in. He may not make it. I may lose him forever. I choke back a sob, and floor the car.


2. 2.

"My life is brilliant, my love is pure, I saw an angel, of that i'm sure, I saw her on the subway, she was with another man, but I won't lose no sleep I've got a plan." - You're beautiful, James Blunt.

"Lukes POV"

"Okay, so I can get a flight in a week, to the day?" I confirm to the airline lady.

"Yes sir, it is booked. Your ticket information is now in your inbox." She confirms, causing me to grin.

"Thank you." I say, sighing in relief.

"Have a good day." She says curtly, then hangs up.

"It's booked." I say, once I leave the bunks, only to see all the boys playing Call Of Duty Black Ops.

"Cool, she'll be really surprised." Micheal says not looking up from his phone, since his player is dead.

"Yeah, I hope so." I respond, Flashing a large grin.

In a week, Darcy has a show close to home, and I have two days without performing, so it works perfect. I can be there to support her, and we can spend some time together.

"Say hi from all of us when you fly in tomorrow late at night." He adds, finally looking over to me, and smiling sadly.

"I will, you alright?" I ask, trying to see why he is hiding something.

"I'm fine." He says, looking back toward his phone.

I sigh than walk out of the room, back into my own room of the suite.

As though she can tell I am annoyed, my phone rings with her name on the screen, causing an involuntary smile to cross my face.

"Hey beautiful." I say, as I flop onto my bed.

"Hey." She says exasperated.

"How are you?" I ask, hearing a door shut and a laugh from the living room.

"Good, and you?" She asks formally, causing me to frown while observing the paint peel on the other wall.

"Better now." I state simply.

"Whats wrong?" She cuts in quickly, concern sweeping through her voice.

"Nothing, i'm just ready to come home." I say, smiling at the thought.

"Okay." She responds, hesitantly.

"I have to go, i'm hungry so i'm going to go get a bite." She says, causing me to sigh as I realize i'm hungry too.

"Okay, me too. Love you." I reply.

"Love you too." She replies and hangs up.

I stand up and walk out of my room, grabbing my keys and my phone on the way.

I turn and glance at the boys quick, chuckling as I walk past and see them all playing the same game- a new round though.

"Want anything?" I ask, earning a grunt in responce.

"Where are you going?" Ashton finally asks, never looking away from the game.

"For dinner somewhere, want anything?" I ask again.

"Sure, you know what I like." He mutters, earning a yeah from all the guys.

"Okay, see you in a bit." I conclude, slipping on my shoes and walking out of the room.

I step into the elevator, and an old woman gets on behind me.

"Good afternoon, Ma'am." I say, smiling at her.

"Good Evening." She responds, looking away.

We stand there in a silence, then reach the lobby.

I walk out the front door, and sigh in relief, since there ar no Paparazzi.

I start to whistle lowly, as I get into my car, still feeling happy since my conversation with my wife.

Right as I put my keys in, I feel my phone viberate, so before I leave, I pull up my texts to see what it says.

From: Darcy<3

I just wanted to remind you that I think you are amazing, I am so proud of you, keep up the great work! I love you. XOXOXO I miss you.

I smile slightly as I finish reading her message, and as always I feel a pull to go home.

I quickly type a response, and I drive away toward the only restaurant I saw coming in; a pizza place.

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