What Am I Supposed To Do? (3rd Book In Darcy Anne Styles Trilogy)

"You're not serious" I say, my voice lacking confidence.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I wish I wasn't. It doesn't look good. I recommend you get down here right away." He says, then he hangs up.

I take a few deep breaths, and hear the laughter from the living room. I left the tv on...

I numbly walk in and shut it off, then it clicks. He needs me now. I may lose him.

I sprint up the stairs, grab my purse and keys, and run out the door.

He needs me now. I might lose him. He needs me now. I might lose him.

This runs through my head until I blare the radio, then it clicks. I need to call her.

"Hello." She answers.

"Hey." I reply and I hear a happy laugh.

"Hey Darcy, love!"

"You need to get down here right away, your son needs you now.. It doesn't look good." I say, and I hear all the happiness gone.

"Be there as soon as I can." She says, right to the point, then hangs up.

Finally it sets in. He may not make it. I may lose him forever. I choke back a sob, and floor the car.


1. 1

"You were crying at the airport, when they finally closed the plane door, I could barely hold it all inside"- Wherever you are, 5 Seconds Of Summer.

"Darcy's pov"

"Good afternoon, Mr. Hemmings." I say in a low voice.

"I told you to call me later, what would my wife say?" He jokes, pretending to think i'm someone else.

"She would probably demand an explanation." I say laughing lightly.

"That she would, it wouldn't be much of a story, just a wrong number." He responds.

"That's good, that creates a happy wife." I say, as we both laugh a little.

"So how did your last performance go?" He asks, and I smile.

"Good, the crowd was very hands-on, and it was on the news again." I say, and he laughs a little.

"How did your last-nights concert go?" I ask, knowing his concert was when I was preparing the mall for promoting. Right now it's around 4am for him, and 10 pm for me.

"The singing was great, but the crowd was stiff." He says, sounding distracted.

"Oh, well that's kinda-good?" I ask, causing him to chuckle.

"Yes, kinda-good is the right way to describe it." He says, causing me to laugh, too.

"So two more days before you come home, and three before I leave." I say, causing him to sigh.

"I'm ready to see you." He says, and I smile.

"I'm ready to see you too." I say, sighing.

"2 days." He says.

"2 days." I repeat.

"Go to sleep, Luke." I say, and he lets out a murmur of agreement.

"Love you." He says.

"Love you too." I respond, and we hang up.

Just as I hang up, I walk out of the mall bathroom I went too call him in.

"Darcy! I have a newly updated schedule." My Planner calls out too me. I had asked him to put in more dates by home, so I could see Luke and my Family more.

"Thanks." I say as I take the list.

"No problem, see you in three days so we can start changing lives." He says, as he walks away. 

I sigh and grab my keys out of my purse and walk to my car. Just as I get there, my phone rings, I glance down and see it's my brother.

"Hello?" I answer as I jump in my car and sit in front of the wheel.

"Hey, Darc!" He says and I laugh at the excitement in his voice.

"Hey Ty!" I exclaim, mocking him.

"So do you want to do lunch tomorrow?" He asks, straight to the point.

"Sure, when and where?" I ask, as I fiddle with my keys to start the car, just my luck it sputters, and goes off.

"My place, uh eleven?" He asks, and I nod, then realize he can't see me.

"Sure, but I have to go, my stupid car won't start, so I have to see why." I say, and I hear him let out a concerned sigh.

"Need a ride?" He asks, playing the concerned big brother.

"No, I will either get it started, or catch a cab." I say, as I walk to the front and open he hood.

"Call me as soon as you get home." He says, once again being concerned.

"Yeah, will do. I should have taken my bike, it's so much more reliable." I say, and he laughs lightly.

"Yeha. Love you." He says, and I smile.

"Love you too." I respond, and hang up.

I open the front hood of the car, and look at it for a long moment, then sigh. Only now I realize how cold it is, then I realize that's the issue-the motor froze.

I let out a sigh, and walk to the corner to catch the bus. I sit here freezing cold for around 15 minutes before I check the time. It's 11:20 on a Wednesday, so the bus isn't running. I pull out my phone and call a cab, only to get no answer. I leave a voicemail with my number. As though to confirm my fate, my phone shuts off because it's dying. I half walk half jog toward my house, cursing my outfit, and my car. Of course, half way there it starts to snow again.

I finally walk into my house, and I plug in my phone. I glance at my clock, reading 1:40 and I cringe internally. I pick up our house phone to call my brother, knowing he's still up.

"Hello?" He answers, since he doesn't know my house number. He sounds tired.

"Hey, I just got home." I say, and I hear a relieved sigh.

"Just? I thought you were ignoring me and forgot to call." He says, sounding very concerned.

"I had to walk, my phone died or I would have called you." I say and I hear him gasp.

"You walked over 2 hours to get home, in the snow." He says in disbelief.

"Yeah, i'm beat and freezing though, so i'm going to shower and go to sleep." I say, now that i'm inside i'm feeling the chill.

"Okay, Love you, see you tomorrow." He says, still sounding nervous.

"Love you too." I say, as I go get into a shower.


I get out of the shower and send Luke a good morning text, since it's just after 7 AM for him, and I crash hard.


The first chapter of book 3 is up! (:

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