The Unlucky Life Of Lacy

This story is based on a real story, so please do enjoy and maybe give some suggestions if possible.


3. Day 3: 8/26

             Today, I think will be a lot  shorter then the past few days since I don't have Rin in any of my classes today. In case you didn't notice, I mostly talk a lot about Rin, that's usually why these stories are long... But, since something really ''interesting'' happened, why not tell the story?

             It was around 9:00 AM when I was in band class playing my instrument, flute. We had a new student today that I knew from last year, his name is Dylan, plays the sax. I gotta admit, he's better than me than I am on my instrument. After a long while of playing my instrument and chatting with classmates, we had a fire drill. I lay my flute on my chair and I looked around for Rylan and my other friend, then headed on outside to the basketball court.

             After a few minutes of sitting and talking to my friends, I got kinda bored and decided to look around, and as I did I saw Rin in a class next to ours. I tapped on Rylan's shoulder and said, should we call out his name then ignore him? my friend replied with a "sure, hey Tristan, lets prank Rin!" And at that time we began to shout out his name and bother him. "RIN!!!!!" I would shout and turn around giggling. "RIN RIN RIN RIN RIN!!!" Ryan would repeat over and over. As soon as it was time to go, we ran back to the classroom, hoping we did not get noticed by him, and we didn't.


              The bell rang, I headed out with Tristan and had a small conversation, then we both headed to our classrooms. As soon as I went into the classroom, I just knew there was a negative environment there. I was talking to my friend Lucy, that had a similar name to mine. We have known each other since we were little. What we did so we would not get bored was talk about our crushes, it was pretty boring honestly. We decided it would be fun to do a little prank on my crush so, I wrote down my number, handed it over to Lucy. What I did was tell her to, during lunch , give the paper to him, say it was from a friend of hers, and to call the number if he wanted to know who liked him. 

                After going to math class and history, school was over. Lucy and I, thought Tristan was gonna kill us, so we ran outside of school. Oh and almost forgot to mention what happened with the prank. So here's what happened.


               During lunch, Lucy went to go do what we planned out. The first thing that happened was that Tristan found out, so we told him to promise that he would tell no one. We made a deal that he could come along with Lucy. Once they found Rin, everything went totally wrong... Right when Lucy said that someone liked him, things started going insane, he asked a lot of questions. Right when Lucy said she was gonna give him her number..."I'm calling the cops!" Lucy then took the paper out of the binder, and right away ate half of it. Tristan dropped his jaw wide open for a second, then started laughing. Lucy obviously knew she was gonna get in trouble for it, so she ran and switched clothes, as for Tristan, he ran as well, just not in disguise.


                  When school ended, Rin came up to us to talk about what happened earlier, we obviously lied to him, then very soon after he left, still doubting us about the number. We all looked at each other in silence when Rin left, and I was the first one to speak. "So... you guys that was kinda messed up, Lucy, I say on Monday we fix this and tell him the truth." she replies "Okay, but you'll have to do it alone, I don't have lunch with you." Right, I have forgotten all about that... So I guess I will have to do everything alone. Wish me luck, oh wait you can't... I will still be the "Black Cat" forever...

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