My Story

In a version of Harry Potter where Tonks and Lupin lived, They had a another child after Teddy. Her name was Willow Tonks. But things didnt go as planned.


4. The Meeting

     I woke up the next morning, and flung myself out of bed to get ready. I choose out a pair of jean shorts, and a simple teal shirt. I looked in the mirror. My hair had drifted back to its natural dull brown. I forced it too a bright red, and grew its length to my ribs. I decided to keep my green eyes, but gave myself some freckles. I looked presentable.

     I bolted down the stairs and ate breakfast with my parents. The conversation was limited. Soon, we were in our car and driving. After being on the road for about half a hour,  we reached the house. 

    We walked up to the front door, and I knocked. Once, Twice, Three times. Then we waited. The door was opened by the lady we had met the day before. She motioned for us to come in without saying a word. 

     I walked into the living room to see them. A woman with bright pink hair, and slightly older man with scars on his face. And a teenager, who looked a few years older then me with bright blue hair the color of my T-shirt.

   "Willow?" The woman asked standing up.








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