Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


12. Twelve

"Bones," Chapel said. "You have a visitor."

McCoy glared back at Chapel,just about after giving Spock a pep talk for going through with his own plan.

"I don't get visitors," McCoy said. "Comes with bein' me."

"Well," Chapel said. "She is pretty insistent. She is in the waiting room."

"I will be comin'." McCoy said, then he turned his head toward Spock. Chapel came over to Marla who was in a wheelchair with her hands together in her lap and she was grieving. "You are not to chicken out on this. You planned all week on this--" Spock replied with "I am not sure it will go smoothly as I planned." Though the doctor continued. "And did research about him like a school boy ready to approach his idol."

Spock nodded.

"I will do it." Spock said.

"Good boy." McCoy patted the Vulcan's shoulder then went the opposite direction.

"I am not a dog." Spock said.

"Lick me!" McCoy replied, earning strange glances toward Spock from everyone around him in the rec room.

McCoy made his way down the hall considering who else or what else remained in his life that could pay him a visit. He came into a rounded room with several tables that had seats. McCoy came to a stop seeing a familiar figure sitting down in a seat with their hands together. It was someone he had seen before, or had he? He saw people who looked familiar to him in his lifetime after the Cardassian-Romulan camp. He noticed the Cardassian features on the woman's face. The ridges on the side of her neck. And she was in Star Fleet uniform. McCoy had come to a stop once the doors had closed.

"Doctor McCoy," Came a voice that sounded unusually: different. Her bright green eyes stared back at the human. "I would like to inform you of news that would be beneficial to you."

McCoy's hand squeezed into a fist.

"Why are you in that damn uniform?" McCoy asked.

"I understand your anger toward--"

"DAMN RIGHT I am! I saw fifty-three Cardassians. Not one lifted a finger when they saw my state. Not one. Not one refused to do what they did to me and four hundred souls." Now he was right toward the table. "I have nightmares because of it! I can't look at you without thinkin' of Baron! I can't treat Cardassians without bein' in that dreaded room. Murderous, blood chilling room. The smell of blood in the air. People dyin' of thirst and hunger because no one bothered to feed us daily. The stench of filth in the air. The sound of heavy footsteps echoin' down the hall makes me want to hide but no its someone else not a Cardassian. I got PTSD because of what your kind did! AND WHAT THEY DID AFTERWARDS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PAIN IS UNTIL YOUR OWN KIND DOES IT TO YOU. I trusted some Cardassian and they sold me out. Two deceivin' manipulative shoulder lovers! They brought me back when I made an escape with two officers. Two officers who were never found!" He shook his hand. "But they are very dead. DEAD." The Cardassian did not flinch. "If you were not in that uniform I would be paralyzin' you permanently with a hypospray that has a air-bubble located in a secret part of this room. Now, if you excuse me, I will not speak with a Cardassian! Over my dead body would I speak with one."

"Good," The Cardassian said. "There is war trial set up for the trial of Baron Van Sir." McCoy was turned around by that point. "Your torturer." She cleared her throat. "What she and her accomplices did were unforgivable. That we understand." She had her fingers clenching together. "But you may or may not be seeing her face in her day in court."

McCoy's hand were in fists.

"You are to testify." The Cardassian said. "New Cardassia has no statue limitations regarding war crimes." McCoy could feel something strange tingling inside. Validation. Possibly, perhaps it was. "We have located the survivors but we recommend you do not travel off planet for the next month. Baron Van Sir has well known diverse associates who do not wish to see her dead."

McCoy closed his eyes hearing his heart beat.

"Star Fleet has them on notice." The Cardassian said. "I would prefer you to tell the same story you told me. If possible. Because that painted your experience quite well than the others." McCoy closed his eyes thinking of how hard it was to go through rehabilitation. "They were unable to speak. We have eliminated those camps and making sure they are closed." She cleared her throat. McCoy opened his eyes. "We would greatly appreciate your involvement. I understand your resentment toward our species but it will never happen again. And you will be part of what makes sure it never happens again. Because there is the death penalty up for Baron."

McCoy went in the direction of the door.

"Thank you listening, Doctor McCoy." The Cardassian said.

The doors opened then closed behind him


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