Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


13. Thirteen

James T. Kirk once was a shining star. A sun, if McCoy had asked a hundred years ago of from those who knew him best. He served with a Andorian named Thelin who he became fast and quick friends, someone who was the opposite of his nature. His six crew members served as a family for him. If McCoy had met him in his hayday he would have noticed the man was flirting with him physically and verbally. He would have seen the man flirting with a Yeoman. James T. Kirk was a man of many things but a man who barely had compassion? Never. It was unlike the captain to be un-human like. Humanity being hopeful and bright. He made enemies and friends where-ever he went.

His ship,the USS Enterprise and her sister, was the target of unusual abnormalities. His blazing streak contrasted against the logical, and mathematical mind of Thelin. His reputation to be hurt would be followed by Doctor Hannah Snatcher fixing him after a quick beam up to the USS Enterprise by Miss Fisher. Navigator Rebecca Kilsitch and Helmsmen Roger Hail were platonic life partners commonly seen putting a puzzle together or hanging out together on shoreleave. Communication's officer Robert Hon, a asexual man, a uniquely complicated man. Later there would be Shawk entering his life after the destruction of the USS Enterprise A in 2286. The original Enterprise was destroyed thanks in part by the captain when retrieving Thelin's unconscious body from the planet Genesis due to some chain of events that if asked the captain would say "You wouldn't believe us" and not one bothered to write a paper about it because it was full of disbelief. Going back in time retrieving some whales was the first mission they did on the stolen Klingon vessel.

Those he knew best called him 'Jim' short for James.

"Hello." There was one time as Admiral that a man approached his desk.

"Hello." Jim said, looking up from the padd that had the Enterprise in the center.

Later, he would be taken out of his supposed retirement with Antonia because of a large vessel heading their way that looked far odd. It also had been the subject of Klingons and Romulans attempting to raid it but only few came back screaming about hand huggers demanding they turn away but the Klingons didn't leave until the first officer and captain were killed. The Klingons killed whatever beast that shot out of the officer's chest by destroying their own ship. The Enterprise would later take care of the large vessel.

"I think you would find it odd but where is Leonard H. McCoy?" The man asked.

"Missing." Jim said. "Who are you?"

"Bashir, big fan of his." The man said. He sounded foreign. "Haven't you tried looking for this man somewhere . . . a little off course?" He put a pad on the table. "Like the sector where the Cardassians are more known to appear and Klingons clash with them. A little off course, however."

Jim picked up the padd.

"This is no where in our jurisdiction." Jim said.

"Doctor McCoy is a great man." Bashir said.

"I assume he is." Jim said.

"You should know him." Bashir said.

"Hm?" Jim said.

"Right. . . . You haven't met him. Sorry." Bashir said.

"Mr Bashir," Jim said. "I don't know who you are or where you are from but why should I look here?"

"There's a camp." Bashir said. "Hidden. Set on a asteroid considered inhabitable."

Jim leaned forward.

"Asteroids are not habitable." Jim said.

"Then what about the first man who achieved warp? He is eternally young." Bashir said.

". . . How?" Jim said.

"Let's say I know someone." Bashir said.

"Who is this someone?"Jim said.

"Hypothetically it was Doctor Snatcher, or not." Bashir said. "It was. . an honor. . . to meet you."

Jim looked down at the pad.

"Doctor Snatcher wouldn't. . ." Jim looked up to see Bashir was gone. "Tell."

Jim picked up a pair of glasses and read the pad. The gears in his head were moving. He looked up from the padd as he rubbed his chin. He looked back in the space where Bashir once stood. His mind went wild on why Bashir came and acted like the man was known to Jim. His eyes returned to the screen. This was right in the sector that Koloth could go. Koloth was unpredictable. Sharing the same luck for weirdness like Jim and his crew were well known for.

"My mind to your mind, my thought are your thoughts."

The Enterprise A was set to be decommissioned upon her return to space dock. Jim was in the captain's chair. Jim and his crew had gone on a farewell tour for the past three months. This was their last mission together as a crew, and last of all, a family in space. Even inadventurely finding some new planets while at it due to random Ion storms. They had fun revisiting planets. At least the ones in the reach of the three month marker. Doctor Hannah looked forward to her retirement. As did the aging crew. And the rest of the crew stationed on the Enterprise looked forward to their new assignments. The young men and women didn't mind visiting all ready discovered planets. Frankly, as Hannah put it, serving under Jim Kirk was better than okay. It was rewarding in its own right.

"Greetings." Came a male voice.

Jim's head turned in the direction of a familiar looking Vulcan on his bridge.

"Shawk?" Jim asked. "Why do you look so . . . old?"

The Vulcan briefly closed his eyes taking a sigh then he reopened them.

"I am not . . . my son." The old Vulcan said.

"Mr Shawk to the bridge." Jim looked at the man warily.

Suddenly the old Vulcan was gone when the ship was attacked. His hand gripped on the chair. The view screen displayed a Romulan vessel lying ahead of them in the vastness of space. This was unusual as they were not in the usual sector where Romulans popped up. They were not in the neutral zone. Jim looked over in the direction of Thelin. Thelin's face easily displayed a loss of unable to comprehend just what happened. Rarely did Jim see that look on his comrade's face. More so a: What just happened? Jim wore the worried mask because he was worried. It had been months since the last encounter with Romulans.

"Mr Hon." Jim said.

"Aye aye, captain." Mr Hon turned toward his station. "Red alert has been raised. " And began a hailing transmission. "Hailing has been established."

Jim stood up from his chair.

"This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise A," Jim said. "If you attack further we will be obligated to return the favor. We are returning to Earth upon our three month voyage into deep space. We do not want to end our voyage with a fight like this." Seconds ticked by. There was tension in the room. Thelin faced the screen. The Romulan starship fired back at them rocketing the starship from side to side. "Mr Hail, fire at will."

"Yes, sir." Hail said.

"Mr Hon, notify Star Fleet of our recent encounter with the Romulans." Jim said. "Note our forewarning."

"Aye aye, captain." Hon said, then began to send the transmission. The starship was struck once more. Jim had fallen to the floor with a hard thud. The Enterprise fired back at the Romulan vessel. Jim used his chair as support to get up. "Decks five through ten have reported fires," Hon turned away upon sending the message. "And three causalities have been reported."

The starship trembled.

"Shield's are steadying at 65 percent." Hail reported.

Jim pressed a button on the arm rest.

"Kirk to Engineering." Jim said.

"Captain,the warp core's been shot." Came a woman's voice. "We're going on back up power at this point."

"What about Mr Fisher, Miss Totter?" Jim asked.

There was a pause over the comn terminal.

"He's dead, captain." Totter said.

"Kirk out." Jim said. Jim had a fatal pause, considering what to do next. His eyes darting from left to right going through possible scenarios. The Enterprise trembled as the lights went out briefly on the bridge. Panic was going through the captain's mind. He had to protect the crew and the ship. His responsibility alone.

"Captain." Thelin snapped him out.

Jim pressed a button on the arm rest.

"This is your captain speaking," Jim announced, as the phasers were firing. "An evacuation has been ordered. This Romulan vessel is a different grade in starship and more up to date of the current standards. We will ensure a saucer separation will take place to make sure that all personnel are able to escape. Kirk out." Jim stood up. "Thelin, you have the conn."

Jim went to the turbo lift and as he did, he shared a final glance with the Andorian. The Andorian had a distinctive 'It has been an honor serving with you' expression on his face. They were obviously not going to serve on another ship at their age. Retirement was likely the last scenario that was entirely possible which meant accepting admiral positions. The doors closed before the captain. He closed his eyes requesting "Engineering". The turbo lift moved through out the Enterprise. The mechanism that allowed for saucer separation was conveniently located in engineering. The Captain was obligated to go and do it himself when it came to these kind of scenarios. Maybe one day it wouldn't be manual but being able to be done by the starship itself. A simple command.

Jim's eyes opened when the doors opened into engineering where sparks were flying. Jim strode out. He helped up a ensign then requested they go to shuttle bay and take a shuttle out. More so as a command. The Ensign limped forward along with some help with other lucid officers. Jim followed the path to the separation. The location where the lower half met the saucer separation. His ship was trembling. And she was giving it all she could give. Jim came forward watching the cat walk tremble above him. He came to the rounded section of the other half then put in the command. The floor was about to move. Jim made his way to the saucer section getting off the lower section. It was a good thing there were two shuttle bays in the starship. One that was battle mode and the other being regular. Star Fleet was very paranoid when it came to losing people and not having a section devoted entirely for battle when it came. It was a recent addition in 2286.

Jim watched the lower section fly away until it was destroyed.

What the hell was up with the Romulans?

The saucer section trembled.

The cat walk above Jim collapsed with a loud thud. It was darkness that he could see, completely darkness. He heard someone lift up a heavy piece of metal then toss it to the side. His eyes opened to see his security officer Shawk staring back at him with a emotionless mask on his face. Jim reached his arm out toward the young Vulcan. Shawk took Jim by the forearm lifting him up then swinging his arm over his shoulder. There was a stinging pain coming from Jim's backside. It made him want to punch his hand into a wall. It hurt more than stabbing his foot into the corner of a supporting beam. It hurt like hell.

"You should save yourself, Mr Shawk." Jim said.

"Negative," Shawk said. "You are the captain."

"Thelin sent you." Jim said, wincing. "Did he not?"

"Affirmative." Shawk said. "The bridge is handling the matter. Though Miss Snatcher has reported to the bridge and several of the nurses are leaving with the patients last I saw on my trip."

Jim noticed a part of the Vulcan's pointy ears were missing. His neck had a bad burn. The sleeves of his uniform had been burned off apparently. His hands were covered in burn marks all over. Shawk smelled like smoke. He had risked himself to the rescue of some few members. The starship was not firing back at the Romulans giving them a dead possum impression. The two men entered into the turbo lift. It was Shawk's turn to give the "Shuttle bay." order. The turbo lift moved up.

"Has the bridge crew evacuated?" Jim asked.

"Negative,captain," Shawk said. "They wish to save you."

"Well that's just nice of them," Jim said. "But I am not leaving without them."

"Your attitude toward not leaving your crew behind is admirable," Shawk said. "But it comes with a price. It is illogical to return to the bridge in your condition." Jim did not reply as he looked down toward the floor. "You are likely to have spinal impairment for the rest of your life with the injury made by the cat walk."

"I can still feel my legs." Jim said.

"I would carry you bridal style but that would be inappropriate as you are my commanding officer." Shawk said.

"Commander. . ." Jim said.

"And as such, you are my priority." Shawk finished.

The turbo lift doors opened to a blazing hall. There were bodies strawn about the corridors. Jim shielded his eyes to see the damage. His ship was breaking apart. Piece by piece and internally. Shawk walked forwards. Jim looked down to see his feet were dragging. It occurred to him that he was experiencing phantom pains. Parts that he could not move. He will never walk again until they can fix being paralyzed. He would need to use sonic baths from now on. Which would be easier to use. His eyes closed feeling the blazing heat against his skin. He realized they were not going to make the trip to the shuttle. Instead, Shawk came to the corner of the corridor where he found a escape pod panel.

"Shawk." Jim said. "You shouldn't."

"I must insist," Shawk said, then he did the Vulcan salute with one hand on the lid to the escape pod. "Live long and prosper--"

A green shot into Shawk's side. His free hand was able to close the window before he collapsed abruptly.

"Commander!" Jim screamed, his hands striking the window.

The escape pod ejected from the starship as he saw Shawk's limp figure on the floor. He saw the shapes of Romulans among the smoke and flames blocking the line of sight. He knew they were Romulans because the pointy ears stood up from the smoke. Tears were running down the man's cheeks. Fury, rage, and despair all floating around inside. Soon as he was far enough he saw the starship self destruct taking the Romulan vessel with it. It quickly became apparent that he was the only one who came out as there were not any shuttles floating around. His family yanked from him. Jim closed his eyes in grief.

When he opened his eyes, he was sitting on a field of grass enjoying the wind.

"Greetings," He heard a male voice alongside him. Jim looked over to see the same old Vulcan he saw earlier. He had the Vulcan salute down to a pat. "I am Spock." And he looked like a cute old man. He had the same hair style that Jim had seen on previous Vulcans who he met in his career. His hair was gray. He was in a shirt that was loud in every sense of the word. Picture and color itself. "And you are Captain Kirk."

"Call me Jim." Jim said. "Sit down and enjoy the weather."

The Vulcan raised an eyebrow.

"There is no weather." The old Vulcan said.

"Just play with the idea of there being weather." Jim said.

"This weather of yours is unrealistic and idealistic at once. It's illogical. This is ideal." The weather became cool with a warm wind. He could smell a sweet scent being carried. Sweet, pure air brushing against his face. The grass felt oddly wet for his fingers. The Vulcan sat down alongside the man. "I have discovered you are deaf."

"I am not deaf." Jim said.

"Yes,you are. Your body is on auto-pilot while you are in your happy place. People come here in their worst times and moments in their life." Spock looked around. "I can see why you have been stuck here. It is quite enchanting with the mountains. Beautiful and breath taking scenery."

"So you are mind melding with me." Jim said.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"Uh huh." Jim said.

"Jim, you are one hundred fifty-five." Spock said.

"That old?" Jim had a worn, but skeptical snicker at that. "Wow, I am still around. Longer than my old man."

"And you could die any day, alone." Spock said.

"I know." Jim said.

"But you are not alone." Spock said.

"Do you know how it feels to lose everyone you know and loved?" Jim asked.

"In many ways more than one, affirmative." Spock said.

"Ever lost a ship you commanded for over thirty-two years?" Jim asked.

"Negative." Spock said.

"She was like my sweetheart. Both versions of her in fact." Jim said.

"Objectophlia." Spock said.

"I don't love machines." Jim said, looking back at the Vulcan with a hurt but insulted look on his face. He turned his head away.

"My research said you love everyone." Spock said.

"Pansexuals love anyone despite their sex or gender." Jim said.

"Ah, well, it was off research." Spock said

"What kind of research did you do?" Jim asked.

"The general kind." Spock said.

"Mr Spock." Jim said.

"There was no mention of being called Jim in your file," Spock said. "In fact most notably you are referred to as Captain Kirk."

"Of course." Jim said, with a sigh.

"You are responsible for the recovery of Doctor Leonard McCoy." Jim turned his head toward Spock. "That was not in your file but since Koloth went to a sector that did not intrigue him or have value, unless a friend had asked him for a favor, then it became logical. I have not shared it with the doctor."

"He's. . . here?" Jim said.

Spock nodded.

"McCoy tried to speak with you five years ago." Spock added.

"I heard he was a stubborn doctor from a associate of mine." Jim said. "Never really met him."

"And he suffered a recent loss. A friend of his. Doctor M'Benga." Spock said.

"Geoffrey M'Benga." Jim said.

"You met him." Spock said.

"Briefly. He was on a recently made colony that needed medical assistance." Jim said.

There was a pause between the two men.

"What is your favorite activity?" Spock asked.

"None." Jim said.

"Did you ever play chess?" Spock asked.

"Yes, of course." Jim said. "I used to play ping-pong back in the hay day."

"Perhaps we can play chess." Spock said.

Jim raised an eyebrow.

"It's been years since I played chess." Jim said.

"You forget, you have been reliving in your fantasy." Jim lowered his eyebrow. "My apologies for making you go through the destruction of your starship, again. I had to see what happened. . ." His voice became lowered. "I was surprised. Needless to say."

"About what?" Jim asked.

"Shawk." Spock said.

"He is. . . or was. . . a very private man." Jim said.

"Shawk was a illogical,and irrational Vulcan when I knew him." Spock said

"Hm?" Jim's eyebrow rose up. "I think we are talking about two different men."

"I do not believe so." Spock said.

"He never really talked about his family," Jim said. "Or his past."

Spock thought back to when he was younger. He was like Shawk. Very private. But this coming from his son? Spock initially believed he would be a open and shut case: a open minded and emotional Vulcan. Much like Sybok except he didn't get himself banished from Vulcan. Spock could recall declining invites to parties on the USS Endeavor until the last day. That's when he decided to participate. They were all getting reassignments. Handsome, closed off, and mysterious. The females were hitting on the Vulcan despite him being married. Leland and Lewis laughing sharing a toast. Being drawn to the beverages for water where he would be the subject of women complimenting and flirting with him. Spock was brought to the present regarding his son. Slowly, Spock started to laugh.

Jim looked at Spock oddly seeing and hearing his laughter with wide eyes.

"Pardon me," Spock said. "But it just occurred that Shawk was mirroring me."

Jim's eyebrows had lowered.

"Mirroring you?" Jim asked.

"Affirmative." Spock said, with a nod.

"So all Vulcans are like that?" Jim prodded.

Spock paused, considering it.

"Not all." Spock finally replied.

"Oh," Jim said. "I see."

"As I was saying," Spock said. "I am getting help from Doctor McCoy."

"I am surprised to hear that," Jim said. "Usually Vulcan's don't need help."

"I am a exception," Spock said. "And because of him I am offering my hand in friendship."

"That makes me a . . ." Jim said.

"Acquaintance." Spock said.

Jim snapped his fingers then pointed his index finger at Spock.

"Yes, that." Jim said. "I accept your request."

"I am willing to help you enjoy life again. It is not boring as you view it." Spock said.

"But is it not? I am retired, Spock." Jim said. "And being retired is boring."

"I believe you will be thinking otherwise by the time July is over." Spock said.

"So a human inspired a Vulcan to help a human. That is new." Jim said.

"What is new is finding a rare multiple link for a Vulcan. One in a billion." Spock said. Then Spock realized what he just said.

"Hm. I take it that this 'link' is psychic." Jim said.

"Affirmative." Spock's ears were turning green and Jim did not notice.

"Thelin and I pretended to have one to get a new member into the federation." Jim said.

"And how was that?" Spock asked.

"Surprisingly easy." Jim said.

"I must leave," Spock said. "But I have a few Vulcan books translated in English in my memory. Would you like to read them?"

As McCoy was leaned against the wall using his self restraint from exploding, he realized that finally it was going to be okay. The injustice he had felt for the past hundred years had weighed on his conscience had been lifted. Justice, finally, served. He wiped a tear off his cheek. He had wanted to see that rotten Cardassian face Star Fleet's justice system. He wanted to see her be tortured the way he was. Be degraded the way he was. Be not given attention. Basic care. He could his own body was trembling. Reeling from the news. She had been found. And was being kept most likely in a stockade.

McCoy couldn't help but smile facing the ceiling. She was stuck in a cell for the rest of her miserable life until the end. Star Fleet didn't have the death penalty so he understood that for the Cardassians that a penal colony would be the equivalent to a death penalty. It made sense for her fate. She would be dead within the week because there were bound to be someone there who was related to one of the victims. McCoy hadn't attended those anniversaries. None of them, in fact. They were a bitter reminder to what he had to rebuilt his life after. Rebuild himself, in fact.

"Bones." Sulu's voice drew his attention up. "Are you okay?"

"I am better than okay." McCoy said, his voice sounded relaxed. "I am well."

Sulu reached his hand out for McCoy.

"It is lunch time." Sulu said.

McCoy took Sulu's hand.

"You make a great friend,Aru." McCoy said, as Sulu helped him up.

Sulu let go of McCoy's hand.

"As do you." Hikaru said. "I have to admit . . . I think Spock is going to be a blessing for the captain."

"So do I." McCoy said. "Actually, I count on it."

"Really?" Hikaru said, as they walked down the hall.

"I am a doctor, I should know about this," McCoy said. "Taking care of two birds with one stone. All is well."

When they went to the mess hall on the second floor, Spock was late, again. McCoy looked over his shoulder toward the glass. Then he noticed in the depressed table there was a empty seat. McCoy found that odd. Fifteen minutes into lunch, Spock finally came in with a calm expression on his face whistling. McCoy's almost went slack at the slightly but apparently happy Vulcan. McCoy was holding his sandwich in his hand watching the Vulcan set in his password into the replicator.

Spock came to where Uhura usually sat (Uhura was now sitting beside McCoy) and he was now humming a distinctive tune.

"Uh, how did it go?" McCoy said.

"Jim is deaf." Spock said.

"Jim who?" Uhura asked.

"Jim Styler?" Chekov said. "The one who's bone and skin?" He gestured over toward a skinny but bony man sitting amongst the group of diverse aliens ranging from Bajorans, Andorians, Klingons, humans, and betazoids. Though there were probably a lot more species in the room but that would take an hour to go through listing. "The one who usually spits while he talks?"

"Pasha!" Hikaru said. "That is not nice."

"But it's true." Chekov said.

"Jim Kirk." Spock said. "James T. Kirk. I left him with some Vulcan novels translated into English for him to read."

McCoy had a smile.

"Good news." McCoy said.

"I had to be there to make sure Jim was sent to a nearby clinic that specializes in ears," Spock said. "But due to Jim being busy reading, he apparently didn't let go of my wrist." The table went silent staring at him. "I am unaware of how and why he did. Perhaps it was a reflex during the mind meld or it has happened before and it was a defense mechanism." Spock showed his left wrist that had five rounded markings on it. "I had to pry his fingers off my wrist."

"Er, Spock," Uhura said. "How did it feel to have your hand squeezed by a human?"

"Electrifying." Spock said. "But it did not bother me."

"Electrifying is a little . . ." McCoy waved his hand sideways. "Crude for 'ordinary' in your book when you know that is like. . ."

"Making out with a human." Chekov finished.

"Dae nae Vulcans steer away from touchin' anyone's hand?" Scotty said, perplexed with his hand around his scotch.

"Exactly." McCoy said.

"We do not allow our sensitive fingers to impair our lives," Spock said. "It is a minor inconvenience to have sensitive fingers."

McCoy took another bite of his sandwich.

"So it took you fifteen minutes to get his fingers off your wrist?" Uhura asked.

Spock shook his head.

"Five minutes to get a nurse,another five minutes to explain, a minute to realize his hand was around my wrist,and the last five minutes were in fact to get his fingers off my wrist." Spock said. "You would think a human wouldn't be able to leave bruises behind with a grip like that."

McCoy swallowed his bite.

"Actually, the saying is you think a human would be able to leave a harder impression." Sulu said.

"Like a wrist ache." Chekov said.

"I had one of those back in the day." Uhura said.

"They are the worst." McCoy agreed, with a nod.

"I have not experienced a wrist ache." Spock said.

"You can join our wrist club in a few years when you get achin' all over your body given your Vulcan agin' history." McCoy said. "And given that you are half human. Or it might never happen to you."

"Don't try to intentionally join our klub by making it happen, Mister Spock." Chekov said.

"I would not." Spock said.


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