Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


69. 69

McCoy was the first to notice that Spock was walking normally, not limping. Either his leg got better or he is pretending it is better. Optionally, the doctor would like to believe that Spock is getting better. Maybe it was just the bright atmosphere on the ship that perked the degrading Vulcan up. For an odd reason this ship brought back the memory of a dream: McCoy recalled a dream he had with Spock, himself, and M'Benga playing cards. Spock was failing at it. McCoy was doing quite, no thank you. And M'Benga was well amused of how the game was turning out. Spock was keeping his cool in the game. McCoy wore a 21st century styled green visor on his head. McCoy could remember that M'Benga was in a blue shirt, Spock was in a white shirt, and McCoy himself was in a blue shirt.

Green was the second to notice.

Spock recently finished making a long purple scarf.

"Ambassador--" Came the protest.

"Please," Spock said. "Take it. I do not have use for it."

The Romulan Yeomen grinned from ear to ear,smiling sheepishly, taking the large scarf that nearly fell out of her arms. McCoy was having a good laugh out of it as they stood nearby the door to the transporter room. The Yeomen left staying to the side of the hall that was nearly empty except for what remained of the fanfare. McCoy and Spock had been greeted by several officers of the ship asking for their autograph. It ranged from a sterilized tribble and a permanent glow in the dark pen, permanent marker on the back of the neck of a orion, a female tellarite insisting on shaking the doctor's hand for an odd reason (She looked like a male, then again, they all did have beards), a couple Vulcans inquiring little questions about a essay he wrote that he has no memory of, and a few humans voicing that he was their inspiration. Spock, on the other hand, had more fanfare then McCoy did. When asked about his time on the USS Endeavor, Spock replied with "Unfortunately, I am not allowed to divulge classified information." and about the Deforest? "There is long stories to tell that I do not have the time to explain about that situation in detail."

"Should I expect to see you again in my lifetime, Mister Green?" McCoy asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"There is a zero point zero zero zero percent chance that we will meet again in this lifetime," Green said, his hands locked behind his back. "In layman's terms: highly unlikely." He held his hand up and made a split in the center of his hand.  McCoy lowered his brow as he appeared to be assured. "I hope you continue to live long and prosper."

"As do you," Spock said,giving the ta'al salute. "Mister Green."

McCoy put the transport ring on top of the ring on his pinkie finger.

"Ambassador." Green said, lowering his hand then put it behind his back in a military pose. "It has been an honor. . . to play chess with you."

"We played chess?" Spock asked, startled, with a raised eyebrow.

McCoy wrapped one hand around the Vulcan's shoulder as Green grew alarmed with eyes darting toward McCoy.

"Let's go,darlin'," McCoy said, in a comforting but casual voice. "We do not want to miss our ride."

"Indeed," Spock said. "It may surprise Erin regarding our relationship."

"You mean to tell me that for a Vulcan like you, you were a straight arrow who didn't, at least once, venture off to the opposite sex?" McCoy asked, as the door opened before them and then they went through it. "I find that hard to believe."

"Vulcans mate for life like flamingos and wolves," Spock said. "It used to be rarity a century ago to find statistic of divorces. Vulcans do not cheat on their mates and it is highly frowned upon to do so."

"I was not aware of that. . ." McCoy said. "How do Vulcans divorce anyway?"

"We go to a healer and then they sever the bond we share," Spock said. "Then it is repaired. It is highly controversial to do it yourself. Because that would either: 1, lead to death which is highly illogical. 2, lead to mental harm. 3, leave the Vulcans highly compromised. It is not recommended to it yourself."

"Then what about those private ceremonies?" McCoy asked.

"They are DIY." Spock said.

"DIY. . . Oh!" McCoy said, in realization. "Do it yourself."

"Precisely." Spock said.

"Mr Spock, Admiral McCoy!" Came the transporter technician. The two faced her direction with raised eyebrows. "I read Captain Kirk's biography, and I, I, erm, um," She cleared her throat. "I grieve with thee."

"For what?" Spock inquired.

McCoy rubbed his forehead with a sigh.

"Oh. . . I. . uh. . thought you knew." The technician said.

"Doctor?" Spock turned his head in the direction of McCoy.

"You were there when he left." McCoy said, pressing small buttons on the side of the transport ring.

"Why would Jim leave Sweet Hill?" Spock asked.

McCoy looked up toward Spock feeling his heart breaking. Why didn't the Vulcan understand what he just said? It arose concern from the doctor for the Vulcan. Vulcan's were able to understand phrases like that. Even in the dreams he had featuring Spock showed his understanding in that phrase. But here, there was something unsettling about Spock's dementia increasing. Ii this went further, Spock didn't have five years to live. Bendii's was a piece of cake. It would be a year or two. McCoy cleared his throat.

"He had a weddin' to attend to." McCoy said. "Granddaughter."

"That is believable," Spock said. "She did pay a visit twenty-three days ago."

McCoy looked over toward the technician.

"Can you set our destination to the Enterprise, miss?" McCoy asked,looking over his shoulder guiding Spock onto the transporter pad with one hand on the back of the Vulcan.

"Yes, admiral." The technician said.

"Thank you." McCoy and Spock came onto the transporter pad then faced the technician. "Energize." The technician slid the bars up followed by a familiar melody that radiated as the two were vanishing in a blue haze.


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