Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


43. 43

"Ambassador--" Cameron started.

"I do not need a cane." Spock cut off Cameron.

"You are half Vulcan, half human,and old age affects you differently from Vulcans." Cameron said.

"I do not have problems walking." Spock said.

Cameron sighed.

"Look, Ambassador," She came over to the Vulcan. "You honestly think it will go away?"

"It did the same for Doctor McCoy," Spock said. The look on Spock's face easily read he truly believed it. He seemed so certain of it. His eyes were straying away from the cane in Doctor  Cameron's hand "And likely it is a phase for me."

"Old Vulcan's don't limp." Cameron said.

"Old Vulcans don't come to human nursing homes." Spock said.

"Ambassador." Cameron said.

"I refuse to have a walking cane." Spock said, strongly.

"If you want to walk, you'll need it. You are half human. Don't make me get Doctor McCoy to persuade you." Spock stared at Cameron. Cameron stared back. "At least use it for a couple days. It may help your leg. This is logical to help you walk. You normally don't get this. It'll be gone by the time February has passed."

Spock reluctantly took the cane and the human's hand let go of it.

"I will not use this walking cane after a month." Spock said.

"If you get in pain afterward, you must tell us." Cameron said.

"I will endeavor to do so." Spock said. "May I return to the party?"

"Yes, Ambassador." Cameron said, with a smile.

Spock went through the doors using the cane as his support to walk straight. With the aid of the cane, Spock noticed a significantly comfortable walking pace. It was December 31st, the last day of 2387. The building had been redecorated two days ago by the staff. It was dark outside and not a animal was to be heard. Everyone was formally dressed. It had been complimented in the beginning of September after Spock's arrival by a collection of charge nurses. McCoy was in his admiral uniform. Jim, on the other hand, was given a newer version of the captain's formal uniform. Spock, however, was not in his ambassador robes. Spock was in a sweater and long pants that ended at his ankles. Spock was retired and he preferred not to bring his ambassador robes for retirement. He could see Bajorans in suits that were similar to a scuba suit without the gear but it was decorated. The Klingons were dressed in black suits with white shirts and black bowties, which was odd given their culture,Deklans were in white suits with black lines trailing down the shirts, Some Ferengi like Tacrak and Perik were in dark vests with black pants that were complimented by a white shirt, and a few Andorians were in light colored two piece suit. Larken was in a admiral dress uniform standing alongside Terrel and Marg'less with Karhlee.

Spock noticed McCoy was standing at the patio, leaned against the side of the threshold between the outside and inside. Spock made his way toward the door way. When he came to the doctor's side he saw that McCoy was holding a little tea cup like item. On the porch was a sleeping Junior curled up in a ball under the patio seats. McCoy was staring at the night sky twinkling back. Spock could see the aura lights.

"Next year I am goin' to be one year older." McCoy said

"You sound surprised." Spock said.

"A hundred sixty is a big number, Spock." McCoy said.

"For a human." Spock said. "That is impressive."

"Of course." McCoy said. "My. . . daughter . . she never out lived me. It's funny, wishing you could die before your child does. It's never right to die after them."

"I believe my daughter will outlive me." Spock said.

"She is a Vulcan." McCoy said.

"She is half human." Spock said.

"Wait, what?" McCoy was startled.

"She has human ears." Spock said. "The only physical Vulcan characteristic is the eyebrows. Her name is Erin."

"That is human." McCoy said.

"T'pring and I discussed her name being changed due to her being bethrothed." Spock said.

"And?" McCoy asked.

"We came to the conclusion that she has the make the genetic make up of a human and thus, it was illogical. Internally, she is a Vulcan. Genetically, she is a human." Spock said. "She is a person of two worlds and she prefers to refer her herself as a Vulcan instead of a Vulcan. She changed her name to T'erin when she was of age."

"And you call her Erin." McCoy said.

"Affirmative." Spock said. "She has not aged a day. For being a human."

"She is half Vulcan." McCoy said.

"One and a half." Spock said.

"You had a one and a half Vulcan with a Vulcan? Spock, I don't know about genetics, but that is not possible unless you had sex with a pure human." McCoy said, head turned toward the Vulcan. "Unless you meddled with her genetics so she wouldn't have any problems while growin' up."

"I do not do such thing." Spock said, sounding insulted personally McCoy's comment.

"You didn't, but T'prin' did." McCoy said.

"She would have told me." Spock said.

"I believe she had warraneted concern with the girls health. Is it not logical to change the scenario in favor of life?" McCoy said.

"It is." Spock said. "I have to agree with you."

"Spock, you know that star over there?" McCoy pointed toward the sky.

Spock looked at the brightest star in the distance.

"That is Gillian Major. Named after the female soldier who lead a battalion against enemy fire in World War 3 to safety and gather supplies." Spock said. "She lived to be a hundred twenty where she succumbed to old age in her home with her grandson. She had met my second forefather because at one point in time during the war there was a skirmish regarding a rogue Vulcan."

"No, the one beside it." McCoy said, as a faint smile was on his face. "The dim one."

"Ah, that one." Spock said.

"That's Earth,Spock." McCoy said. "As much as I love it. . . It is just full of days that are lon' gone."

"It pains you." Spock said, softly.

"Yep," McCoy said. "But seein' it at the distance. . . it reminds me of readin' my grandchildren stories at night. When they came to visit me. I remember reading a book for my granddaughter and my daughter. They both fell asleep." McCoy sighed. "Of course it pains me, emotionally, Spock. It gives me nostalgia. They are good memories I treasure."

Spock looked in the sky, once more, tilting his head.

"There is a planet called Jim Tiveruis Kurk." Spock said. "The slightly less light in the distance behind Earth."

"There's a civilization called Kurkians?" McCoy asked.

"Affirmative." Spock said, straightening his head.

"For some reason I am not surprised." McCoy said.

"They are a rather reasonable yet . . ." Spock said.

"I can sense discomfort there." McCoy said.

"They preferred to be disrobed at all times." Spock said. "Anyone who lands on their planet must be naked. Stripped naked."

"Ah." McCoy said.

"And it is very cloudy on the surface. You would not have liked it." Spock said.

"You got that part right. . ." Spock said. "Wait a second, you mean to tell me you were on that planet?"

Spock turned his head toward the baffled doctor.

"Affirmative," Spock said. "But only briefly. I returned to the ship after Shore Leave was announced." He looked back at the sky. "But there are some memories I made on the planet. I watched their males and females dance. Doctor Puri and Captain Pike took me, actually, forced me."

McCoy softly laughed.

"That's a odd term for bein' fond of a certain memory." McCoy said.

"Because the doctor drunk and ended up dancing with the group." Spock said.

"Doctor Puri must have been one hell of a man." McCoy said.

"On the subject, he was. He was a lot like you." Spock said. "It is a shame that he died too soon."

"When did he die?" McCoy asked. I wasn't aware of that."

"Unknown." Spock began. "He was unfortunately lost in space in 2302. I and what remained of those who served with him attended the farewell to where his shuttle craft was last transmitted to be." The vulcan sighed. "It could not have been Klingons, Romulans, or anything natural. I prefer to believe he encountered an anomaly, vanished into dimension, and lived a full life helping people. It was his specialty. Much as he complained about it and said he would retire, Doctor Puri never did."

"But you just said that Doctor Puri was dead back then not alive." McCoy said.

"Did I?" Spock said, raising a gray eyebrow. "You must have misheard me. He is clearly dead."

"Your pants are on fire." McCoy said, then he took a sip from the cup that he was holding.

"My pants are not on fire." Spock said.

McCoy lowered the cup taking a sip.

"Yes, they are," McCoy said. "With all that lyin' you should probably be in your briefs."

Spock had a amused facial expression on his face.

"That was not a lie." Spock said.

"I have known you for five months, Spock," McCoy said. "And I can all ready tell when you are lyin' to me. Which is troublin' because I can't tell if someone new to me were lyin' to me within five months. Maybe it's the damn dreams." He took another sip. "I feel like I have known you for a hundred years."

"That is because in another lifetime we had." Spock said.

"But those dreams we have are not real." McCoy said. "It's our imagination. Logically, it's wishful thinkin'."

"I want to believe." Spock said.

"I am talkin' like you and that's all you got to say?" McCoy said. "Personally that is alarmin'."

"You refused to say that I have rubbed off on you until now," Spock said. "All I have to say is: about time."

McCoy looked over toward Spock, again, taking a sip from his cup then his eyes looked down and back up toward the Vulcan. McCoy lowered his cup taking a gulp. McCoy raised an eyebrow toward the Vulcan.

"You have problems walkin'?" McCoy asked

"It is only a phase, Leonard, inconvient but it will pass." Spock said.

"Spock, you are a hyrbid." The doctor lowered his eyebrow. "It is not a phase for you. Some hybrids are known to age like one half of their heritage and the other half helps them or hinders them in that aspect," McCoy said. "It seems your Vulcan half is leavin' you hangin'. I have to admit, you look damn good for the human equvilent of seventy-three."

"Hey, Bones, Spock!" Jim's voice drew their attention. "There's a left over mistle toe above your heads!"

"No, there isn't." McCoy said.

Spock leaned over to see the mistle toe.

"There is, in fact, a mistle toe above us." Spock said, leaning himself back where he stood.

"Kissssssssss!" Jim said, excitedly.

Spock placed the long, light brown cane against the doorway. McCoy was about to reply to Jim feeling annoyed when Spock's hand wrapped itself around his waist and then he was dipped down, like a gentlemen preparng to kiss a woman, and then McCoy was brought into a unexpected kiss feeling Spock's other hand wrap itself around the back of his head. His world was darkness while a world of different weird feelings floated to the surface. McCoy could feel one of his hands on the Vulcan's side. McCoy had his right hand still holding the cup. McCoy could feel butterflies were flying in his stomach. It felt like his feet could float in the open air against gravity. It was a slow, but tender kiss. In a flash McCoy was standing straight staring back at the Vulcan who appeared to be unphased. McCoy blinked, wordlessly, touching his lips feeling his heart pound against his chest.

"Hey Sulu!" Jim floated away. "I win!"

"Win what?" Sulu asked, appearing to be puzzled standing alongside Evans and Watslow.

"They kissed under the mistle toe." Jim said.

"Looks like you two have to play against Jim in Chess." Sulu said, well pleased, looking at Evans and Watslow.

"I am going to hell." Watslow said.

"Bitch." Evans said. Evan's face turned red, easily displaying his frustrated attitude toward his Torrets. "No, I meant, I only bet under distress!"

Watslow patted Evan's backside with a comforting expression on his face.

"It is all right to be frustrated," Watslow said. "I started getting frustrated over my lack of psychic ability when I needed it the most."

"You didn't need it to speak." Evans said.

"At times, I did." Watslow said. "I once had a swollen mouth."

Our view returned over toward Spock and McCoy. McCoy's mind was still reeling over the unexpected kiss that he had been given. Apparently Spock must be experiencing the same thing, the doctor figured. He had raisen one of his gray eyebrows back at the doctor. McCoy wanted to say something but the words could not come out. It was as though he were behind a strong titanium wall left alone in a square room where no one could hear him. No, that was not the proper example. The best example would be being mute.

"Was that a acceptable first kiss with a Vulcan for you?" Spok inquired.

McCoy slowly nodded.

"That is pleasing to hear." Spock said.

McCoy slowly nodded.

"Shouldn't. . . we talk about that?" Were the only words that fell out of his mouth.

"When you deem it appropiate," Spock. "Enjoy the party, Leonard. The countdown to next year starts in ten minutes."

Spock drifted away from McCoy's line of sight taking the cane with him. Sure, McCoy had acknowledged his interest in men years ago. He had discovered his attraction to both men and women at a young age. But this was a different kiss. He never had that kind of kiss with a man before. Would anything change because of the kiss? McCoy stopped himself short seeing the Vulcan join into a crowd with Petrik and Chekov. Perhaps next year is going to be the start of something else. Something entirely new to the man. McCoy never had a relationship with a Vulcan. Not ever. Spock would be the first. What would next year hold? Would it be full of heartbreak, sorrow, moments of hearts being warmed, happiness for everyone around, death, and new life? Or the usual, growing old, content and happy with people McCoy was comfortable with. His family felt complete. It felt good to be Leonard McCoy. The one who lured Jim out of his shell with Spock.

McCoy turned back toward the night sky. He took another sip from his cup. He could feel Junior rubbing his side against the doctorss ankle. The little sehlat wanted attention. Junior picked McCoy as his favorite belly rubber and petter. That part was clear. Also that the Sehlat loved following Chekov and Sulu around. Playing laser pointer with a few of the Klingons and Andorians. And playing with the other cats.

"Hello,little fella." McCoy knelt down feeling pain in his knees then rubbed the Sehlat's forehead.

Junior purred.

It was going to be all right, McCoy decided, It won't be bad next year.


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