Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


35. 35

It was six thirteen that night. Everyone was in their Halloween costumes. There was drinking punch set up. The mess hall was spread out. There was gentle, classic Halloween themed songs playing in the background. The lights on the ceiling made pretty designs that made it seem the residents of the Nursing Home were in a haunted house. There was a variety of snacks set up on the counter. Chairs were organized and so were the table. Spock had changed into his costume which could be defined as classic for what he wore. He held a small microscope in his right hand while it was locked behind his back military pose. There were various old people scattered about the wide room, the ones who could feel themselves that is, chatting about the new Halloween decorations that hadn't been in there hours ago within the mess hall.

"Nice Sherlock outfit," McCoy's voice drew the Vulcan in the Georgian's direction. "Here I thought you were goin' to dress up as Benedict Cumberbatch."

"Illogical," Spock said. "That Sherlock is discreetly non-canon."

"Then why did you ask me to be Martin's Watson?" McCoy asked.

Spock raised the eyebrow.

"I did not," Spock said. "I accepted your request of being your Sherlock."

"I never asked you. Wait a second," Chekov and Sulu walked right past the two men with arms linked. Sulu was in a black suit. Chekov was in casual wear that involved a black jacket, blue jeans, and a purple shirt lacking a tie. "You never requested . . ." He rubbed his forehead. "Damn it, Jim, I know you are there."

Jim came flying past McCoy.

"Wooohoo!" Jim cheered.

McCoy had a baffled look on his face seeing Jim on a flying chair that had a leg raise.

"Yet another new wheelchair." Spock said.

Jim levitated over to the two lacking hair.

". . . Jim?" McCoy said.

"Yes?" Jim said.

"I had to make sure I am talking to the right man." Jim said.

Spock raised his eyebrow even further.

"This is unexpected." Spock commented.

"I am dressed up as Professor X." Jim said. He was in a dark suit and there was a glint in his eyes. His chair still had arm rests. "How does my haircut look?" He rubbed his head. Spock lowered his eyebrow. "I had Koren shave it off."

"It looks clean." Spock said.

"You do realize that Sweet Hill has a barber for a reason." McCoy said.

"He left too early." Jim said.

"Robert Beltran left EARLY?" McCoy said.

"Yes. And you two look matching together." Jim said.

"Thank you." Spock said, as McCoy was rendered speechless. Speechless at how casually Spock accepted a compliment that should be insulting and hurtful. Which it wasn't. For some reason the doctor didn't feel the rush of anger as he usually did when it came to others making comments about him and the Vulcan. But it was rather easy to recall those comments and fake a slowly but growing furious reaction physically. It was easy to pretend seeing red. It was more of a gift for acting with McCoy. Living a century comes with its perks.


"Yes, yes I am." Jim said. "Big fat ass and I cannot lie about that."

"Nice comeback." Spock said.

"You two should dress up more often." Jim said. "It is actually cute."

"Over the teachings of Surak." Spock said. "It would be illogical for me to dress alike Doctor McCoy."

"Over my dead body!" McCoy exclaimed. "And it would go against my common sense."

"Old married couple." Jim mused. "Hey Lilly!" He turned the wheelchair away then headed after a Orion woman. "Look what I got!"

"We don't dress alike outside of Halloween," McCoy said, arms folded, looking over in the direction of the Vulcan with a raised arched eyebrow. "Do we?"

"I do not believe so," Spock said. "Perhaps you have been rubbing off me."

"Don't say that," McCoy said, shaking his hand. "You are makin' it sound you are rubbin' off me. Which would be highly illogical given that we don't spend half our days together in the same perimeters or room."

"Doctor McCoy," Spock said, with a small smile appearing on his face.. "You have taken the words out of my mouth."

"I know you too well." McCoy dismissed the reply. "Tell me,can you bite an apple out of a movin' pool?"

"I have not tried but I will endeavor to do so." Spock said.

"Good, because an apple a day keeps me away." McCoy said, darting away from the Vulcan.

Spock raised his right, gray eyebrow watching the doctor walk away.

Our scene goes over to Uhura entering the room using Scotty as her guide with her arms linked with his. Scotty appeared to be concerned toward her motioning to the opposite end of the room. There was a sign of over all warranted concern and worry on his face. Spock went over to a pool of moving bobbling apples that were all a shade of green lacking the sticks. They were in a body of water. Scotty guided Uhura down into a chair that he had pulled out. We can see, Alice Cameron, on the stage using a pad looking over the large crowd of old people. Alice Cameron walked off the stage greeting the other nurses who had recently entered. There were several other nurses who were on their padds making submissions. Brockley appeared to notice the two out of place couple.

"Ny, you dae nae be here." Scotty said. "Ye got a bad flue or somethin'."

"I am fine, Monty," Uhura said. "It is just the dress being too tight."

"Ye were Bo peep six years ago." Scotty said. "Ye have not gained any weight visibly."

Brockley came over.

"Is there something, Mr Scott?" Brockley asked.

"No," Uhura said. "I am fine. But I would like some Monster Juice."

"Ny, you just spoke in Klingon." Scotty said.

"I said I am fine," Uhura said. "Monster Juice, please."

Brockley felt her forehead for temperature.

"No fever," Brockley said. "She is likely overheating in that dress."

"I am fine." Uhura said.

"The Transwarp you are!" Scotty said,then he turned his head toward the nurse. "Should I get her Monster Juice?"

"That's the best she needs right now." Brockley said. "Nyota, sit down for fifteen minutes, and if you are still not--"

"I am fine, Nurse." Uhura said.

"Feeling fine," Brockley continued. As Scotty went over to the beverages. "Please go to Doctor Cameron and I."

Uhura smiled.

"I will." Uhura said.

Brockley stood up then left Uhura. Uhura closed her eyes. She could hear the background noises, the sound of roaring laughter, and people talking about the other costumes. She didn't feel like she could get up. Uhura felt a warm, soft large hand place itself on her shoulder. She could hear Scotty's melodic voice from the noises. She reached her hand out with her fingers wrapping around the cup giving him a soft, "Thank you." She leaned against her chair. Scott came to her backside. She could hear a zipping sound, the force exerting against her sides lessened, then the zip go back up. She felt her chest able expand then deflate to its usual level. She took another sip from the cup with fingers wrapped the red surface.

"Feel better?" Scotty asked, coming over to her side.

Uhura shared a smile glancing over toward Scotty lowering the cup.

"I am well." Uhura said.

We look over to see Spock biting into an apple appearing to be bemused as several Bajorans and Klingons were laughing. A century ago Spock would have never seen this, let alone, be in the middle of it. He appeared to be fascinated by the relations between the two species. We can see that Spock's teeth were glowing in the dark appearing as though they were vampire fangs. Spock did not appear to be irked. Koren came over then untied the thread around the Vulcan's wrists. Afterwards, Spock took the apple out of his mouth then pulled out what was apparently fake vampire teeth. There was short gasps heard from the group. Spock took a bite from the apple. A Klingon put another apple into the water but this time it was decorated with cute little Klingon letters in black all around it.

"I am pretending to be a vampire Sherlock Holmes." Spock said, gulping down his bite.

"Ooooh!" Koren said. "That's a new one."

"Your costume is extremely authentic," Karhlee, a Klingon with a white mustache, said. "Did you get from the costume replicator?"

"Affirmative," Spock said. "I was initially to be Jason Morgan who commonly wore tight shirts and jeans. With matching black hair."

"You in tight shirts?" Karhlee said. "It would hung off you."

"I must agree with Karhlee," Koren said. "I am finding if difficult to imagine you without your hips standing out like a females."

"Fortunately McCoy is the one who has the female hips." Spock said.

Koren spat out what she was drinking.

"Wait, he does?" Koren said.

"Indeed." Spock said.

The Klingons looked over to see McCoy beside Charlie Evans who was leaned against the table easy-talking to a black man who seemed to be rather younger than him by a couple decades. He held one glass that he was swaying from side to side like a old grandfather clock's pendulum. McCoy's costume easily hid his small figure's petite statue. McCoy was picking out which cupcake to choose, ever so wisely, his hand going above cupcake above cupcake until it rested on a jack-o-lantern cupcake. McCoy picked up a plate. There was Henry Watslow, a former opponent of Jim in his first five year mission, a unusual human like being with six fingers on both hands and antenna sitting at a table with his arm wrapped around the back rest of his chair speaking with Cehen. Henry was a Deklen, one that had green skin and very human like eyes.

"His attire blocks the view." Karhlee said.

"You would not want to see his scars." Spock said.

The other Klingons turned their attention away.

"Scars of a battle well fought."

"He fought against a Klingon?"

"Presumably. Because fighting against a Klingon is a honorable act and hiding the scars left by them on a human is the most reasonable and human thing to do." Spock was taking another bite out of his apple as Koloth rambled. "I have known a few humans who have refused to heal their scars from a Klingon battle."

"How come we never knew of this scar?"

"Humans are rather complicated when it comes to that. That battle must have been traumatizing."

"Or the doctor was ashamed he had to take a life."

"He did take the hippocratic oath."

"Let us come to agreement that he is ashamed of his scars."


Fascinating, Spock thought, Klingons associating scars to Klingon battles on humans.

Evans was in a white sweatshirt with a blue collar, red ascot tie,and dyed blonde extremely bright hair. It stood out as much as Donald Trump's hair. The doctor headed over to the beverages table where he picked up a glass then filled it up using the jug. He looked over to see Jim surrounded by twelve men dressed up as The Doctor in various of his regenerations. It was odd, but then so was seeing some Klingons dressed up as The Doctors among the squad. There was a odd mix to the bunch with man one century younger babbling to the former captain shaking his hand rather suddenly. It had to be one of the nurses, McCoy reasoned, or a relative of one spending the night over. The very young man had a marine hair cut ripped out of the 20th century.

Scotty and Uhura were sitting alongside each other enjoying the party around them. Including the others company. Sulu and Chekov were surrounded by assortment of old alien beings complimenting their outfits. Some of them seemed to be jealous of their out fits. The two old men were grinning from ear to ear. McCoy took a sip of his monster juice drink. He could see that everything was right in the world. It was purely right. Spock motioned his way over to a large cake appearing to be startled as it was glowing. Except for the few confusions here and there for Spock regarding glowing cake. Cake never glowed. It was likely illogical for Vulcans to associate themselves with making glowing cake. Not that they were radioactive. McCoy felt some peace within himself. This could be their first of many Halloweens together. But something told him that one of them won't live next Halloween. His eyes landed on each member of the group in their various comfort zones. Perhaps McCoy wouldn't be there for Spock next Halloween. McCoy was one hundred sixty after all. McCoy accepted that fact by comforting Spock regarding the fear of getting too old to control his emotions. There was a best worst case scenario bobbling in McCoy's head: He could clearly see Jim retread into his shell. Spock breaking apart. Uhura and Scotty grieving. Sulu and Chekov grieving with the two as well, publicly, and the shine in their eyes would be gone. Next Halloween, McCoy's gut said,you could be dead. Maybe it was just him being old. But maybe they won't go into their shells. Spock becoming a lifeline between reality and fantasy for Jim. The group comforting each other for their loss. The relaxed, free atmosphere would make it easier for them. It was likely he could die rather than anyone else. It was reasonable, the doctor assumed, that this could be one of his last holidays with the residents in the nursing home. There would be sadness hanging in their hearts for a while but they will move on. He expected to see them in a few years.

McCoy could see Trelane dressed up in 18th century attire speaking with Marg'less who was in a Mary Poppins costume. His hair was pitch black much like the Andorian. Trelane appeared to be a century younger, his skin smooth, and his eyes just full of it. Marg'less appeared to be somewhat interested with Trelane. Trelane was probably telling her about one of his exploits as a 'omnipotent' being. It wasn't that impressive when considering the story to be false. McCoy walked over in the direction of Spock with a warm, usual smile on his face taking his thoughts off the dark topic. With a event like this, there shouldn't be a damper. Much as the doctor reasoned. It was illogical. McCoy was thinking like the Vulcan, damn it.

"That's not radioactive," McCoy said. "It is made from glowing worms and cream."

"Radioactive worms were used?" Spock asked.

"They were not radioactive," McCoy said. "They were born that way."

"That would have been illogical to use radioactive waste eating beings." Spock said.

"Not like your kind used radiation." McCoy said, taking a bite out of his cupcake.

"On the contrary, we do use Vulcanian slightly radioactive minerals to become jewelry," Spock said, earning a glance from the doctor. "Not harmful in the least but they are capable of becoming trackers in foreign planets."

"So, Vulcans get themselves trackers?" McCoy said.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"At least they knew they are wearin' trackers." McCoy said.

"What are you implying, doctor?" Spock asked, head tilted.

"Imagine a Vulcan givin' that to a human without tellin' them about the radiation." McCoy said.

"They would make the worst boyfriend/girlfriend in the words of Uhura." Spock said, straightening his head.

"Yeah, but how would their relationship go from there?" McCoy asked. "After bein' told the truth."

"They would get over it, logically." Spock said. Then he raised his right eyebrow looking at the doctor, curiously. "Do you want one?"

"Ack, no!" McCoy went over to the Halloween cake that had been cut. There was enough room on his plate for a piece of cake. "I would rather get a skeleton necklace over gettin' a Vulcanian tracker."

McCoy put his glass on the table.

"I will get a skeleton necklace then for Christmas." McCoy said.

"Give me nothin' and I will be completely fine with that." Spock said.

"That is illogical. Christmas is a time of giving and 'cheer'. It is customary for one to give a gift to the other. It is against Vulcan tradition not to give a gift to another on a certain holiday." McCoy looked up holding the gray tool. "We have a Surak holiday referred to it as Sura'ift in the month of Easter."

"Jesus was born in Easter." McCoy said.

"That is well documen--" Spock paused. "I get your point, doctor. But the name Christmas deviates from the fandom behind Jesus, being Christians, and there is a mass of gifting on that day so it became Christmas."

"Hah, then what would you get for Jim?" McCoy asked.

"That would ruin the surprise, dear doctor." Spock said.

"Ah, at least give me a hint." McCoy said, leaning forward against the table.

"A personal gift is something I am still trying to decide on." Spock said.

"Go on." McCoy said, with a wave of his hand.

"The most intimate way to show I care." Spock said.

McCoy straightened with a look of realization

"Oh," McCoy drew the 'o' out. "A mind meld."

"Negative, doctor, a memory via mind meld." Spock said.

"I think Jim will appreciate that." McCoy said.

"But I am in the crosshairs of various ideas," Spock went on. McCoy put a piece of cake on Spock's plate. "Should I show him how it was like to serve under Christopher Pike? Should I show him a memory from one of my dreams that is very intimate and endearing? Should I show him something of David? Should I show him a memory that he will appreciate? That is the most important question on my mind."

"You'll figure it out," McCoy said. "You always do."

"My hopes are that I decide by Christmas." Spock said, as McCoy picked up his cup.

"By the way, Doctor," Spock said. "The Klingons now think you fought against a Klingon and won."

"Don't marry me!" McCoy replied, walking over to a table.

"Highly impossible given the circumstance of our relationship." Spock said. Spock went over to the beverage then decided to choose a monster drink with his plate on the table along with a fork. "What would the logic be of--" Spock was tapping on the faucet to the jug as the liquid jetted out. "Did I ask Leonard to marry me?"

Spock appeared to be so lost and confused by McCoy's reply. He didn't recall asking the doctor to marry him. Logically, Spock must have asked and forgotten about it like he forgot to tell Jim when Jim asked Spock when his birthday was. That he only knew because Jim nagged him about when it was and told him that he had asked earlier on the way to the holodeck. It seemed like a random question at first. Spock replied and Jim sped off. Later, on Spock's birthday the next year in June, Spock would receive a large painting of Shawk with 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD FRIEND!' with a smiley face at the corner that wasn't so bold but curly and small underneath the words 'By James T. Kirk'. On McCoy's birthday the next year, he would find a portrait of himself and Spock,a century younger, in front of the door alongside Spock. Darker brown hair. Bright blue, hopeful eyes. Made by the one and only James T Kirk who had Doctor Cameron instruct a nurse to place it there on that specific date. Right now, Spock wasn't aware why Jim had asked.

Spock went through what he had done earlier.

Spock sighed when he could go back to when he first woke up that morning.

"Cat got your tongue?" Trelane said, coming over to the Vulcan.

Spock stopped the faucet before it could overfill the cup.

"Negative." Spock said, looking over. "I am curious. You lack a crest. How does a Klingon get together with a woman when Klingons and humans two centuries ago did not share peaceful relations?"

"Would you believe me if I said genetic engineering?" Trelane asked.

"Depends." Spock said.

"I got bored of my life. Living on and on and on." Trelane said, with a wave of his hand. "Seeing realities unfold before my eyes at the same time. It got rather annoying at one point. It gets stale. Nothing is as fun as it should be." He was getting himself a drink. "My father understood. But my mother didn't understand. . ." He looked over toward the Vulcan. "Nothing is more scarier than age itself."

"It is." Spock agreed.

"I learned that two years ago." Trelane said, softly.

"What happened two years ago?" Spock said.

"I rather not talk about it." Trelane said, bitterly.

"Understood." Spock said.

"Mr Spock," Trelane began. "Have you ever wondered why everything is not the way it should be?"

"Negative. It is the way it should be." Spock said.

"No. It's not." Trelane said. "But for now it is."

"Illogical." Spock said.

"When I was sword fighting with Jim over there a century ago, well, I had the distinctive pair of eyes to see in most realities Thelin was replaced by you. Different versions of you, that is." Trelane explained. "I was puzzled. Did some detective work. I hardly am able to believe it was possible. It wasn't no random assignment, Spock, none at all."

"You mean to tell me this was done deliberately?" Spock asked.

"Yes, Mr Spock. It was. Someone did it. And they are in this very building. Don't worry, the difference was harmless. No one died because of it. History played out the way it should but without the major core players. Don't tell me you have not had those dreams." Trelane leaned forward. "Those dreams are what should have happened in your past. They started when you met the crew. The universe tried to correct the mistake in the spite of the nail."

"That makes sense," Spock said. "Before I never had these dreams."

"I am glad I made myself half-Klingon," Trelane said.

"So you are not Koloth's brother?" Spock inquired.

Trelane had a long, fond smile.

"It has been so long, my memory is fuzzy on that," Trelane said. "Enjoy the party, Ambassador."

Trelane went past the Vuilcan.

"Happy Halloween, Trelane." Spock said, to no one in particular then he took a sip from the cup.

All was good: for now.

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