Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


33. 33

Jim shipped Spock and McCoy hardcore. Not that it was obsessing for him but it took him off the fact that he was paralyzed to the waist down. They were practically together like the building was 2 centimeters wide. Much like it was for Denny and Alan Shore, right about the same level. They bickered like a old married couple. "Spock, I am not sick.","Doctor, you are.",No, I am not.","Nurse Brockely--","I AM NOT SICK, DAMN IT!","Nurse Brockley, the doctor is experiencing a fever." ,"I am perfectly fine, pointy eared hobgoblin." ,"You need your flu shot, Bones. Thank you, Ambassador, for bringing this to my attention.","It is my attention when the doctor is not in clay class.","I hate getting flue shots!" Baffled, eyebrow raise from the Vulcan. "You do not. In fact,last month--","Oh shut up." Reminded Jim of some arguments his parents had. Jim chose to pick out a costume for Halloween while striking a plan out to bring them together. To bring them closer to the idea that they would make a ideal couple. Jim wasn't married to Spock but only one can assume that when a shipper is determined to bring a pairing together, hell will be bent. Or, assuming, innocent lies. He decided to rope in Sulu to make his plan successful. Spock and McCoy were not always seen side by side. Sweet Hill Nursing Home was decorated for Halloween. There were fake spiderwebs set up. The rooms were partially dark letting the decorations light up. There were decorations set outside the building that looked quite frightening to the average person. The newcomer were at first frightened of the decoration. McCoy and Spock were the ones who calmed the newcomer down then suggested they give her a tour of the place.

Jim was given a new wheelchair that had a stick that allowed him to move whichever he pleased. To give him mobility. It was Spock who insisted he get himself a new one when there was a minor incident with the wheelchair. Nurse Gilbert, the one who usually helped Jim into the sonic tub, agreed as well because it looked so out of date. The final straw came when he injured his thumb by accident by the wheel and had to get it fixed by Doctor Cameron. That was back in September. Jim was heavily considering going bald to dress up as Professor X since he had the wheelchair with the brand of the franchise he was in. The Star Fleet insignia on the wheels. You would think that wheelchairs in 2387 would be levitating and lack wheels as depicted in the 21st centuries movies set in the far future. Considerably, would anyone recognize Jim without hair? It was a good question. Maybe he should dress up as Denny Crane. But Denny Crane could walk. And the X-Men franchise depicted Professor X in a levitating chair. Doctor Cameron had told Jim it was optional for him to pick the levitating chair. It would be a permanent change, she explained to Jim, because there is no going back to the wheels.

The three spent five hours per day in the holodeck, which was done in the afternoon rather than the morning. Spock and Jim quickly learned that the doctor attitude in the morning toward the holodeck was not favorable. Spock plotted out the disease the patient could have for the day. He made it up on the spot. Jim applauded him for the creativity. Spock taught Jim how to spot cancer then gently tell the holoprograms they are going to die, treat them as people (which Jim said it was easy to do), and adjust his appearance toward everyone on the holodeck making code. Toward everyone he looked like he was a man in his late thirties to his forties. Jim started taking short periods of naps in September. Jim called them powernaps because he would rebound from them with a ridiculous amount of energy. Jim had spent his mornings doing something 'important' that he deemed. Spock later found out it was Jim's autobiography that he was writing. He had been working on it rather than spend the mornings in the holodeck with Spock. The others though, had given him plenty of things to do.

"Spock wants to you to be his Watson." Jim said.

McCoy was doing one of his crossword puzzles.

"Uh huh." McCoy said.

"Benedict Cumberbatch's Watson." Jim said.

McCoy turned his head away from the padd.

"No way I am dressin' up as that Watson! Not Martin Freeman's version!" McCoy said. "He isn't even a Watson."

"Yes, he is." Jim said. "He was a fine Doctor Watson."

"Steven Moffat hit the reset button every damn season," McCoy said. "And it is very unlike the spirit of Sherlock. It is a detective show not a time travel show like Doctor Who." He turned his head away. "I rather dress up as the one and true Watson portrayed by Jude Law if anythin'."

"So you won't dress up as a lone Ghostbuster?" Jim asked, with a gray eyebrow raised,

"I said, "I am going as a cowboy." not "I am going as a ghostbuster." For the Halloween party." McCoy said. "I take this is your first Halloween."

"Still deciding." Jim said. "Not my first, but my first Halloween in a nursing home. Actively."

"What's your first choice?" McCoy asked.

"Professor X!" Jim piped up.

"Second?" McCoy asked.

"Denny Crane." Jim said.

"Third?" McCoy asked.

"The original 10th Doctor." Jim said.

"Forth." McCoy said.

"Ichabod Crane." Jim said.

"Fifth." McCoy said.

"Me!" Jim cheerfully said.

"How's your autobiography goin'?" McCoy asked.

"Smoothly," Jim said. "I will get it done by December." Jim had a long pause looking down toward his padd. "I have been avoiding this for too long. . . It's about time I did something that gives everyone a good insight into the man they admire. Everything no one knows about me. I should have done this ninety years ago."

"I did mine five years ago." McCoy said. "No one wants to hear how boring a Nursing Home is."

"It's not boring." Jim said.

"The cobwebs above your bullshit say otherwise." McCoy said.

Jim looked up to see a fake cobweb attached to the corner of the ceiling. It took a moment but then Jim started to laugh getting an odd look from the doctor. The definition of boring, in literal terms, was dust gathering and spiderweb being made. Growing a beard and getting old waiting for something to happen. Perhaps it was Spock who just made Jim realize that being in a nursing home wasn't as boring. Maybe it was because of the daily chess games. Maybe it was because Spock had been pampering. Maybe it was because Uhura and several of the other women in the nursing home taught him how to knit. Maybe it was because talking to the occasional children who visited and getting to tell them about mission they would undoubtedly later read in school but from his perspective. Maybe it was because Chekov was teaching Jim to speak fluent Russian. Maybe it was because Sulu told him stories of the great bird of the galaxy that he never heard in years. Maybe it was because McCoy being frank with him and brutally being honest.

"Remember when the Sickbays were small and cramped?" Jim asked.

McCoy sighed.

"I remember," McCoy said. "They weren't as wide as the newer ones. The bridge, on the other hand,is larger."

"How large?" Jim asked.

McCoy looked around.

"Circular but wide as this room," McCoy said. "The Galaxy Class bridge is fit for a explorer. There are two doors. One leads to the briefing room and the other to the ready room." Jim closed his eyes, imagining the bridge. "There are three chairs in the center. The captain's chair is in the middle. There were two chairs alongside the captain's chair. There is the ops station responsible for ship communication, internal systems overview,and sensors systems as well. The conn station is right across from it. Except it is like a recliner that you wouldn't want to leave."

Jim opened one eye raising an eyebrow.

"Conn station?" Jim asked.

Jim's left eye opened.

"It combines both roles of helm and navigation." McCoy said.

"So the communications officer's station is beside the combined station?" Jim asked.

"Yes." McCoy said.

"I feel old." Jim said.

"You are old." McCoy said, softly

Jim looked over toward McCoy.

"How do you feel, Bones?" Jim asked.

"Like I do every day." McCoy said, filling out a crossword puzzle. "Grouchy and youn'."


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