Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


26. 26

In Sweet Hill's Nursing Home there was a indoor pool. Not many of the elderly came here for a swim. In the past twenty-four hours, Jim was like a supernova. He played against Koloth in tennis and ended in a tie. Jim's previous wheelchair was put somewhere else that Chase did not bother to tell. What surprised Spock and co the most was Jim participating in Yoga of all activities. As of Spock entering the pool room, Jim was swimming in a self held contest with Trelane. Jim came to the end of the pool. The pool was a clear see through blue. The dim lights can be seen installed to the side.

"So what about the band offer?" Jim asked.

"You don't have the scream for it." Trelane said.

"I love singing." Jim said.

"Then why did you not sing in the studio last time?" Trelane said.

"I didn't have the music in me." Jim said. "And my hearing was gone."

"Everyone has music in them, Captain." Trelane said.

"Like yours that flopped in the Bajoran sector?" Jim asked.

"Come on, it was good!" Trelane said.

"The only song your 'brothers' band rivaled was the Cardassia Rocks by Cardassia Seven." Jim said.

"Then what song do you have in mind?" Trelane asked. "A Klingon's song is full of love, honor, poetry, and battle."

"The story I have in mind features a battle, a love-hate relationship, and the honor of a friendship freeverse." Jim said. "Was it not that long ago Klingons read poetry when dating a member of their species?" He quizzically looked at the former omnipotent individual. "I recall seeing that in action when I still had my hearing."

Jim gestured to the hearing aids in his ears that were attached to the rims of his ears.

"What would it be called?" Trelane asked.

Jim mulled over it for a moment there.

"Spones." Jim said. "Or McSpook. Or Georgia on Vulcanian sands."

"You read Doctor Leland's essays, too?" Trelane asked.

"On audio." Jim said.

"They are better on audio." Trelane said. "So rich."

"I agree." Jim nodded.

Spock cleared his throat.

"Mr Spook is a great error that Leland refused to correct." Spock said, as their eyes rested on him. "Doctor McCoy and I are not a pairing."

"I ship you two." Jim grinned, getting out of the pool through the steps.

"It is not traditional but rather unusual for two men to come together in our culture. Not unheard of." Trelane remarked.

"We are friends." Spock said.

"Eh, Spock, then what about what you told me at the fair?" Jim asked,grabbing a towel on the hangar.

"We are platonic." Spock said, his hands behind his back. "I am pleased that you are enjoying your legs."

"Nice," Jim said. "Changing the subject on your perhaps second 'hubby'."

"Hubby?" Spock said, raising an eyebrow.

"Tell me you have never heard someone call their male spouse 'hubby' or read it." Jim said, drying himself off using the towel.

"I have not come across that." Spock said.

"Hubby is the equivalent of husband." Jim said.

"You are not my husband." Spock said.

"Technically, Spock, with what I read in the Vulcan books: I am." Jim said.

Trelane walked out of the pool as the two men came to the side of it. An average humanoid can see his backside had the bumps most associated to the backsides of Klingons all the way to the toes. He lacked the forehead crest. If he were half Klingon then he would have redundancies much like Klingons. Jim used the towel to dry off his hair. His cheeks were a nice shade of pink. Jim placed the towel into the dispenser. There was a bright light from it then he opened the door and took the warm, dry towel out of the container. He twisted the towel then put it behind his neck.

"Jim, since we have done my fantasy how about we do yours?" Spock offered.

"But we haven't gotten to the part where young Professor X is approached by Logan to save the future."

"Your character is paralyzed and you are not. I believe that would not be fair for you." Spock said. "And it would be quite awkward for you to be sitting down in a chair that you should not be in. You have control of your legs," Spock gestured down to the thin metal pieces embedded into Jim's skin and the one that trailed under his swimming suit on the backside. "It is only logical that you enjoy the new found freedom."

"So our holodeck adventure is illogical because I can walk?" Jim asked.

"Precisely." Spock said.

Jim paused, looking Spock in the eye.

"Spock, you do realize that pretending in the holodeck is acting?" Jim asked.

"Which makes it fun," Spock said. "Being in that wheelchair when you don't have to is not fun."

Jim paused.

"All right." Jim said. "Boston Legal. Flamingoes."

"Denny Crane and Alan Shore," Spock said. "Your recent obsession."

"No, I watched it when I was a kid," Jim said. "My dad was a big fan of it."

"Shame it ended with five seasons." Spock said.

"No, there was seven." Jim said.

"I recall there were five seasons." Spock said.

"They made an unaired story arch where Denny kissed Alan on the balcony." Jim said, sitting down on a bench drying off his legs. "It has some rather risky implications even for the 21st centuries time. They adopted a boy to carry on the Crane legacy. Alan changed his name to Alan Crane just to make his flamingo happy. I swear,Denny has a love affair with his name."

"Like you did with the Enterprise?" Spock asked.

Jim's eyes glowed with life looking up toward Spock, smiling from ear to ear.

"Yes!" Jim said, putting the towel into the dispenser once more. "Unfortunately there is a law against changing your name to a starships name."

"It makes sense why the law was enacted." Spock said.

"Because starships don't just walk around and it would be a mouthful for someone to say, "Hey, my name is USS Farragut!" and another person to say "Cool, mine is USS Reliant!" and then someone else to come in with the best name in the galaxy "USS Enterprise." and everyone share high fives and ask how much of a fan they are of the actual starship."

"There are Starshippers." Spock said.

"Starshippers?" Jim asked.

"Fans of starships. That makes you one, too, Jim." Spock said.

"So you didn't just come for informing me that holodeck adventures are set to be changed." Jim said. Spock looked at Jim then he sat down alongside him while Trelane went into the men's room to change into his attire. The Vulcan had a heavy sigh. Jim watched the Vulcan's face turn into a grave look. Jim became concerned leaning forward, his eyebrows furrowing together. "Spock." The Vulcan's face was nothing like his stoic mask. It was different coming from Spock. It was like there was a different person sitting beside him. "What is it? Is it about Bones?"

"Negative." Spock said, not batting a eye.

Jim sighed, relieved.

"It's David." Jim froze, his eyes on the floor for the second, then he slowly turned his attention toward the Vulcan. "He died two hours, thirty-three minutes, and thirty-one seconds ago." Spock had a beat. What Spock said next was un-Vulcan like. "I grieve for our loss."

Jim could feel a tightness in his chest. His shoulders were trembling as he turned his head away. Had he been that selfish to close himself off from his only son? That he had. His only son in the galaxy was dead, and here he was, a grandparent who had long ago become unfit for command. At one point in his life, he could jump back into uniform right after announcing retirement when Star Fleet needed him the most. When the universe needed him the most. The standard Vulcan reply to a human loss would be, "I grieve with thee." But for Jim, hearing the opposite from Spock, this was comforting. Jim could see the same emotion resting in the Vulcan's eyes.

"That is very human of you, Mister Spock." Jim said, feeling Spock's hand on his shoulder through a wave of tears.


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