Mexican!Boy X Danish!Girl [Oneshots]

This is a series of oneshots about a mexican boy named Emilio and a Danish girl named Astrid. They're on a summercamp in Canada where they have two weeks together and theyre in same class. And slowly they fall for each other or? Read to find out ^_^


3. Games

~~Emilio played basket as usual. Then out of the blue four Dominican girls came over to him.


At first Emilio didn't regonize them, but then it hit him they were in his class.


He send them his crook-legged signature smile. He after began talking spanish with them*


Emilio asked if they wanted to play some card games with him. The girls said yes, and Emilio winked goodbye to his


two friends Raul and Denis.


He then sat in the green soft grass with the four girls, while they played cards.


Emilio was joking and being funny as usual. He had a good time with them.


Astrid sat nearby with two guys. She looked at Emilio and blushed cherry.


She really liked him, or even loved him.


But Emilio never catched Astrid's deep black onyx eyes, which were glued on him.

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