Mexican!Boy X Danish!Girl [Oneshots]

This is a series of oneshots about a mexican boy named Emilio and a Danish girl named Astrid. They're on a summercamp in Canada where they have two weeks together and theyre in same class. And slowly they fall for each other or? Read to find out ^_^


1. Strangers

Emilio watched Astrid  as she strolled through the classroom.


He don't know her well, but he found her interesting.


Emilio turned to his friend and they began to talk. His friend then said a really funny joke.


Emilio then began to laugh hysterically.


Everybody then looked at him, but Emilio didn't care.


Until he saw those deep black onyx eyes, which was Astrids.


He then turned completly quiet. Astrid noticed and blushed.


They both felt the same weird feeling...

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