One Hell Of A Kitten

Just a random idea we got in the middle of class.

So, here's the story, a college student and her roommate live alone. The college student finds a box full of kittens that look strangely like the characters from the manga Black Butler...
So, a Undertaker turned these boys into little kittens and transported them into our world. And by a chance, found them and thinking they were ordinary little kittens took them it. At first they noticed how strange they were, but didn't think to much of it.


5. Kittens Cosplaying?!

~Gigi's POV~
I was sitting in the living room reading a book with Ceci who had a bunch of cosplay materials around her filling up one section of the living room. The kittens were running around chasing each other or playing with their toys. Alois and Ciel were throwing toy mouses at each other while Sebastian was playing with a ball of yarn in front of a mirror. William was next to me with an open book reading meowing when he wanted me to turn the page, Undertaker was looking at Ceci working on her cosplay of Itachi  before looking back at the tv, Grell was looking at all the fabrics and other materials playing around with them. Claude was stealing materials just to make Ceci mad.

"Claude!" I heard Ceci yell as Claude stole one of her wigs dragging it to his bed where he proceeded to step on it

I looked up from my book to see her wrestling with Claude for the wig.  Claude let go causing Ceci to fall back when he released the wig.

"Ugh damn cat," Ceci mumbled sitting back down on the couch glaring at Claude before going back to her cosplay

I sighed and just watched them before going back to my book reading before stopping again when Ceci screamed in frustration because Claude ripped some fabric she was using.

"That's it if you want to be like that them I'm dressing you guys up!" Ceci yelled grabbing her stuff going to her room slamming the door.

I looked over at Claude who had a smug cat expression on his face "Nice going." I stated before continuing to read

~Timeskip to Lunch Time brought to you by 5SOS~

I got up after finishing my book looking at the time to see it was time for lunch. I got up from the couch going to the kitchen to make some sandwiches for me and Ceci. I filled the kittens bowls with cat food before grabbing the plates of sandwiches going to Ceci's room.

Knocking on the door I heard a 'come in' walking in I saw a complete disaster. Fabrics were thrown around everywhere. Paint splattered on some props etc. 

"What happened here?" I asked setting down the plate on her desk 

"I was making some new cosplays." She said motioning to the cosplays on her bed

The thing was that the cosplays were kitten sized.

"Look what I made cosplays for all the kittens." Ceci said, "I'm going to dress them then take pictures of them starting with Claude."

"Okay which cosplay is for who?" I asked eating some chips from my plate

"Obviously the spider cosplay is for Claude. The Princess Peach one is for Alois. The mad scientist one is for Undertaker. The butler uniform exactly like Sebastian's from Black Butler was for Sebastian. Grell wearing Gaara outfit from Naruto. The soul reaper uniform that's from Bleach is for William, and lastly, the Elizabeth cosplay from Black Butler is for Ciel." She said 

"So I'm guessing you're going to dress them after lunch?" I asked

"Yup." She deviously

We both finished eating before Ceci went to go get the kittens to dress them up. I placed the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink washing them before going back to Ceci's room when she called me. I grabbed mine and Ceci's phones to take pictures of the kittens. 

I held in a laugh and started to take pictures of the kittens when I saw Claude dressed up as a spider with a bitch face worthy of the Winchester brothers that could send a demon to jump into a lake full of holy water instead of being exorcised. Alois was hissing at Ceci since he was dressed up as Princess Peach.  Sebastian was happily wearing his butler uniform. Grell and Undertaker were happily wearing their outfits and getting their pictures taken. William had a blank expression wearing the soul reaper outfit along with Ciel wearing the Elizabeth glaring at Ceci then at me when I started to take pictures of them. 

"Priceless," I said laughing handing Ceci her phone when I finished taking pictures with her phone and mine 

Ciel glared harder as I laughed before he turned his glare on Sebastian and Alois who started to snicker. 

"Okay, I think you've tortured them enough let's get them out of those clothes," I said picking up Ciel starting to remove the clothes and placed them on Ceci's bed 

Ceci followed my lead starting with Grell, Claude, and Undertaker while I took Sebastian, William, and Alois. Once the cosplays were put away I went to my room to have a Harry Potter marathon. Ciel, William, and Sebby followed me leaving Ceci with Claude who was still glaring at Ceci, Alois, Grell, and Undertaker.

~Ceci's POV~
I went to the living room with the four kittens following me. Claude went to his creeper corner, Alois decided he wanted to cuddle with me while I listened to K-Pop and worked on my artwork. Grell and Undertaker both were playing around with toys on the couch. As I was drawing I heard a knock on the door. 

Getting up I went to answer it before trying to slam the door when I saw who it was but was stopped when by the person's foot.

"What are you doing here?" I spat out

"I just want to talk to Giselle," James said 

"Not a chance," I said

"Please." He said

"No now go away or else," I said

"Or else what?" He asked

"***Censored due to younger viewers***," I said before slamming the door in his face going back to working on my artwork

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