One Hell Of A Kitten

Just a random idea we got in the middle of class.

So, here's the story, a college student and her roommate live alone. The college student finds a box full of kittens that look strangely like the characters from the manga Black Butler...
So, a Undertaker turned these boys into little kittens and transported them into our world. And by a chance, found them and thinking they were ordinary little kittens took them it. At first they noticed how strange they were, but didn't think to much of it.


2. Feeding Time!

~3rd POV~
From behind the girls, Alois mewed [I don't want lunch-meat servants! I want a glass of wine, and a beef roast!]

Claude shot him a glare, [Your highness, has it ever occurred to you that this humans can't understand us?]

Alois hissed, [I bet she's just ignoring us, ignoring me! Claude, teach this servants a lesson!] a cat-like smirk placed on his furry lips.

Meanwhile, Ceci quickly rummaged through the cupboards, trying to find the cans of tuna the girls had, thinking the only reason why the kittens where 'arguing' among themselves was because they were hungry. Gigi had set some bowls aside for Ceci and began to make dinner for herself and Ceci.

Once Ceci found the cans she grabbed them, giving herself a pat on the back for remembering where she hid them. "I found the tuna you guys! I hope you like it." Ceci heard one of the kittens growl behind her, so she nervously turned around. 

Claude watched her, he had the same plain expression as before, but this time there was a dangerous glint in his gold eyes.

It all happened so fast.

Claude jumped and managed to scratch her Ceci on her leg when she turned around. Alois smirked happily seeing the scratch on Ceci's leg.  Claude quietly crept behind Gigi who was making mac and cheese for Ceci not noticing Claude. Sebastian noticed Claude and went over to Claude who was about to scratch Gig so he lifted a paw and smacked Claude's head making him hit the floor in return. Claude glared at Sebastian and Sebastian gave him a fake smile. Gigi turned around with a plate of mac and cheese setting it on the table for Ceci before cleaning up the dishes that were unused. Ceci had filled the bowls with tuna and was now happily eating her mac and cheese.

"What time are you getting back?" Ceci said asked eating her mac and cheese 

"I don't know." Gigi replied

The kittens were eating the tuna even Alois who was grumbling about eating servant food. Gigi looked at the kittens then at Ceci before grabbing her sleeveless leather jacket walking towards the door "Have fun cat sitting" She yelled before walking out.

"Guess it's just me and you guys." Ceci said looking at the kittens before finishing her dinner

[Oh goodie I want to explore this place more!] Grell said excitedly looking around the kitchen

[We need to find a way yo become human again.] William said looking at the others sternly (Well mostly Grell)

[I want to know more about our caretakers.] Ciel said outloud

[I do enjoy this form. Do you young master?] Sebastian asked looking at his cat form

Ciel sighed exasperatedly at his butler shaking his tiny furry head.

[I just want to be human so I can punish those useless servants. They fed me servant food, and they won't give me attention!] Alois said angrily and Claude face palmed (Well face pawed)

[This is actually going to fun.] Undertaker said laughing

-Timeskip brought to you by Grell chasing William and Sebastian for cuddles-

Ceci picked up all the dirty dishes placing them in the sink before going to start on her homework. The kittens were wandering around the apartment exploring (Or in Sebastian's and William's case hiding from Grell). Claude was in a corner watching (Stalking) Ceci just to annoy her. Ciel and Alois were arguing as usual, and Undertaker was on the couch next to Ceci smiling.

"Ugh finally done." Ceci said stretching placing her homework in her backpack looking at the clock seeing it was 11:30 pm.  

Ceci stood up going to the closet to get some spare towels to make a bed for the kittens before going to sleep. After making the bed Ceci gathered up the kittens before going to her room turning off the lights shutting her door and sleeping.

-With the Kittens-
[I don't want to sleep yet!] Alois screamed throwing a fit Claude sighed and tried to calm down his master. Sebastian and William sighed shaking their heads. Ciel just looked irritated and Undertaker just fell asleep smiling. Grell was in the middle of William and Sebastian happily trying to cuddle them.

This went on for a few hours until Alois just tired himself out and he promptly fell asleep. Grell was asleep happily smiling between his objects of affection. Sebastian, Claude, and William were all awake. Ciel was curled in a little ball sleeping along with Undertaker who was smiling in his sleep.

It was all quiet when they heard the door opening and Gigi walked in. Sebastian and William perked up seeing her before bounding towards her in hopes of some affection. Ciel and Grell woke up from the sudden movements. Ciel saw Gigi and he too went after Sebastian and William.

~Giselle's POV~
 I walked into the apartment coming back from the races only to be greeted by Sebastian, Will, and Ciel rushing towards me.

"Hey guys shouldn't you be sleeping." I said kneeling down to pet their furry heads

They mewed in response looking at me so I could give them more affection. I shook my head but let them follow me to my room where I did my nightly routine getting into bed where the 3 kittens jumped onto bed cuddling into me falling asleep.

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