One Hell Of A Kitten

Just a random idea we got in the middle of class.

So, here's the story, a college student and her roommate live alone. The college student finds a box full of kittens that look strangely like the characters from the manga Black Butler...
So, a Undertaker turned these boys into little kittens and transported them into our world. And by a chance, found them and thinking they were ordinary little kittens took them it. At first they noticed how strange they were, but didn't think to much of it.


1. Bringing Home Kittens!

It was a raining day in Las Vegas, Nevada something that hardly ever happens. It was a normal day well as normal as coming out of college.
A girl who was 18 years old with dark brown hair with red streaks in them was walking home just getting out of college. The streets were full of people and cars rushing to get out of the rain. The girl began to sprint home as it began to rain harder only to almost trip over a box in the middle of the sidewalk.

’Who the hell leaves a box in the middle of the sidewalk?’ She thought angrily as she walked around it in a hurry, but only to pause for a second when she heard a little ‘mew’ come from behind her. 

Turning around quickly, the girl looked around for the kitty that seemed to be mewing in distress. Her eyes snapped back at the box that started to shake a bit, as if something was trying to come out of it. The girl looked around the street before grabbing a stick then cautiously walked back to the worn out box, and … poked it.


She jumped back as if she was struck by lightning, she muttered an "I'm sorry!" When she heard both pitiful yet angry mewls and hisses escape the confines of the box. Without a second thought she crouched down and opened it, taking a quick peek inside, her brown eyes met seven pairs of eyes (well six,'cause one of the kittens had fur over it’s eyes that looked well overgrown.) They were the cutest kittens the girl had ever seen!

The girl squealed out loud and quickly closed the box again picking it up without hesitation. With a grunt she moved her backpack so the straps were on both of her shoulders.The girl began to walk with a skip in her step, and a frown gracing her features. ‘Kittens? Who would leave innocent kittens outside in a box?’ 

“It's a good thing I found you little guys, wouldn't want you to still be caught in the rain now would you?” She spoke in a quiet voice to them , a couple of mewls responded then there was silence. 

The kittens and the girl finally made it back to the safe dryness of her apartment building, now that's where the real problem started, going up the flight of stairs to the shared apartment. “Damn it all to hell and back.”  She cursed under her breath, if she didn't know any better, the noises the kittens were now making sounded strangely like raspy chuckles...

The girl clumsily slipped her apartment keys out of the pocket from her red hoodie and opened the large wooden door, nudging her foot between the door to keep it from closing again she shuffled into the building, and as gracefully as she could, made her way up the stairs.

Once she reached the apartment door, she congratulated herself, then opened the door. As the door opened she was greeted by a pitch black room. Looks like her roommate still wasn't back, so it was no surprise that their apartment was pitch-black and quiet.

Shivering, the girl awkwardly walked into the darkness hoping with all her might that she didn't bump into something. 

The girl placed the box of kittens down on the ground and walked around in complete darkness, with her hand against the wall trying to find the switch, she found it and turned it on. The room was thankfully no longer dark, she looked around the apartment, silently studying it. ‘We really need to redecorate...’ She thought dryly as she looked at the dull brown couch and love seat in the middle of the plain living room. 

The girl dropped her backpack on the ground and removed her red hoodie leaving her in a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt. She picked the box full of kittens and sat on the couch, placing the box on the ground, when the door opened up again and the girl's roommate walked in. The girl was 19 years old with dark brown hair and brown eyes walked in with groceries in her arms. The girl went to the kitchen placing all of the groceries away before coming back to the living room.

"Hey Ceci. What's in the box?" the girl asked Ceci

"Nothing." Ceci replied innocently and as if on que the kittens in the box started meowing

The girl looked at Ceci with a "really look".

"I'm sorry Gigi, but they were calling for me." Ceci said looking at her pleadingly

Gigi sighed and sat next to her on the couch waiting for Ceci to open the box. Ceci opened it once more and got startled as a completely golden furred kitten with light blue eyes and a short stumpy tail, jumped out of the box and straight into her lap. Ceci flinched, she or he, was staring intensely at her face, and for some strange reason Ceci felt a blush make it’s way to her cheeks.

“Uh, hi there kitty...” Ceci greeted the strange kitten, it might have seen her discomfort and it looked quite pleased with the 'feat' it achieved. The kitten purred quietly, and Ceci could have sworn it smirked at her...

Ha, kittens smirking, sure sure. 

"That's a weird kitten." Gigi commented out loud

The kitten turned to Gigi and stared at her. Ceci cautiously pet it, and Ceci heard the kitten purr even louder, this caused Ceci to giggle. Ceci held the kitten in her hands and cuddled it close, noticing just how tiny she or he actually was! The tiny kitten nudged Ceci's hand with it’s nose, then proceeded to give it a long, slow lick. Ceci's eye twitched, and Gigi giggled.

Looking back at the box, they saw the rest of the kittens were staring up at them, well, except the red furred one with yellow-green eyes and a fluffy almost flamboyant tail. It was preoccupied at the moment, trying to cuddle up to two fully black kittens. The only difference between the two kittens is their eye colors. One kitten was fully black  with the red eyes and a thin tail. The second black kitten had yellow-green eyes and a thin tail. The two kittens were both ignoring the red kitten completely.

The girls briefly studied each of the kittens, there was another fully black one, but with golden eyes, it’s long tail twitched from side to side and it looked like it rather be anywhere but here.

There was a blue-black tinted kitten with one dark deep blue eye, the other surprisingly was a light pink color, ‘That’s so strange!’ Ceci thought, ‘I've never seen a kitten with a pink eye!’ Ceci admits she might have been staring too long, for it seemed that the kitten was glaring at her, so she looked away. 

At last the girl's eyes caught sight of the only kitten left, it sure did have more personality in it’s appearance than the other ones; it was a scraggly, grey-furred kitten. Bangs obscured it’s eyes, keeping it's eye color a secret from the girls. The girls pitied it; poor thing probably had a difficult time seeing, at last the girls eyes made there way to it's strange looking scars, that went across it’s face and down it’s neck, ‘Must have suffered a lot.’ The girls thought sadly. 

The girls promised yourself that when they were done with naming, and feeding all of them, that they'll cut those bangs off, so he could see.

The girls watched as the grey kitten turned it’s head this way and that, looking around perhaps, curiously. The kitten must have felt the girl's gazes for it turned to look right at them.

Ceci cocked her head to the side, mimicked, Ceci cocked her head to the other side and it copied her again. Gigi smiled and giggled, but soon stopped once when she saw a grin slowly make it’s way to its face. ‘Holy crap, that’s freaking creepy!’ Gigi's thoughts wandered to the Cheshire cat from Alice In Wonderland.

The girls heard an irritated meow and looked down at the golden kitten, who was trying to get their attention, It purred once it caught their eyes and affectionately rubbed its head against Ceci's tummy, both girls ‘Awwed’ quietly, and smiled down at it.

Clearing both their throat and Gigi spoke to them as if they were human,“Um, I guess we should start naming you guys huh?” Gigi looked down at the kittens in the box, “ are you a boy or a girl?” Ceci asked in an unsure voice. Yes these were kittens, not humans... but that didn't mean it wasn't awkward having to check their privates to find out what gender they are! As expected, the girls didn't get an answer Ceci sighed.“Ok, I’m going to look…” They all blinked owlishly.

Ceci gently lifted one of the golden kitten's legs and looked. He’s a boy. The kitten growled low in it's throat, and seemed to be blushing,‘Cats can blush?’ Ceci scratched the kitten behind his ears, and he seemed to like that, he once again affectionately purred and nudged Ceci's hand as if asking for more. ‘This one sure does like attention...’ Ceci mused.

“Alright little guy I think i'll name you...” Ceci thought for a moment, Gigi was the one who finally came up with a good name for him. “Alois.” Gigi and Ceci both gave Alois a kiss on his furry little head and he mewled. Ceci set him down on the floor and picked up the red kitten from the box, and it was not very happy being taken away from the object of its affections, (though the black cats with the red and yellow-green eyes seemed relieved) it hissed as Ceci grabbed it by the scruff on it’s back and placed the it on her lap, where it sulked.

“Alright i’m going to check you now, please don’t maul my face off.” Ceci whispered to it, though when Ceci tried to lift its leg up, she or he hissed and clawed at her. “Fine! i’m just going to guess what gender you are since you're being all evil...” The kitten glared at Ceci with it's yellow-green eyes, Ceci however were unaffected and she just stared at it.

‘Well it was trying to get the attention of the black one’ so this one must be a girl! Oh man your so smart, Ceci you deserve a smart reward and a pat on the back.' Ceci thought to herself

“I guess i'll name you Grell! How’s that sound cutie?” Ceci asked the kitten, and it stopped trying to claw the front of her t-shirt and looked up at her, she suddenly purred and nudged Ceci's hand with it's head, asking for a pat. ‘Now this kitten has serious mood swings!’ Ceci laughed and set her down on the floor with Alois whose tail was now flicking from side to side, like the other black kittens tail.

“Alright, next kitten!” Gigi grabbed the black kitten with the red eyes by the scruff just in case he tries to claw at Gigi's hand like Grell did, surprisingly it didn't, it laid down across Gigi's lap and didn't even mind when she scratched him behind the ears he just purred quietly. "Aw, such a gentleman!" Gigi picked him up and cuddled him close, rubbing her cheek against his head, and he purred even louder. Gigi hummed and the girls heard a growl that wasn't from this little guy, it was from Grell, who glared hatefully at Gigi, for some strange reason the girls could imagine her saying: ‘You're next, so watch out!’ Gigi stuck her tongue out childishly and said “Mine mine mine...” The girls could hear the black kitten rasp out a chuckle, and Grell glared. 

“Ok, enough cuddling, lets see I already guessed you're a guy since Grell keeps trying to seduce you...I think i'll name you Sebastian!” Gigi gave Sebastian a kiss, and set him down next to Grell, who proceeded to tackle him, the girls snickered and looked at the last four kittens in the box. 

Gigi picked up the second black kitten with yellow-green eyes, he didn't move just looked at her. Gigi placed him on her lap and began to scratch him behind the ears he just purred quietly and began to blush. "Aw, cute. You're also a gentleman! I'll call you William. Will for short." Gigi gave him a kiss, and set him down on the ground with the other kittens.   

Ceci picked up the last black kitten with the golden eyes, it didn't move. Ceci held it by the armpits and looked into it’s eyes. “Duuuude you look bored,” Ceci grumbled, and it rolled it’s eyes. “Hey! don’t you roll your eyes at me mister!” Ceci pouted.

Ceci turned the kitten this way and that, studying it’s features, must be a boy... C eci noticed he was actually a very dark grey color, lighter than Sebastian and William, yet darker than the grey kitten, “I think your name should be Claude ‘cause your the same color as that creepy ass spider I found watching me in the shower last week!” Claude blinked, he still looked pretty bored so Ceci ran your fingers threw his dark grey fur.

“Why won't you purr?!” Ceci pouted once more. 

Ceci whispered in his ear “Mark my words Claude-pie I shall make you purr!” Claude stiffened, and his golden eyes widened. Ceci laughed again, cradling him in her arms, the girls looked at the clock over their flat screen TV, it read 6:50 PM. Ceci put Claude down and the girls dusted of their clothes which were covered in cat hair, and walked over to their separate rooms and caught the expression on Alois' furry face he looked a bit mad.

“Hey, we're going to change, when we're done we’ll name the rest of you, then we'll fix something up for you guys to eat! Don’t follow us please,” Gigi looked down at the kittens, the last two came out of the box by themselves, so now mismatched eyed kitten was standing next to Sebastian, and smiley kitten was just standing around, looking amused. Gigi shivered, and walked quickly over to her bedroom with Ceci going to hers.

~Gigi's POV~

I walked over to my bed and kicked off my converse throwing them in an empty corner, but I left my socks on. I then went to my closet and began to choose clothes for tonight's races.  I chose a black sequined tank, black mesh ruffle skirt, and black suede knee high boots.  I quickly removed your clothing and quickly replacing them with my racing clothes.  I was beginning to put on my makeup when the pitter-patter of pawed feet startled me, looking behind myself I watched as four of the kittens slipped through the door coming into the room, staring at me with glassy eyes. I did a double take as I looked at the four once again now that they were all together, they looked, familiar.

“Black Butler, you guys remind me of the characters.” I finally said, “Maybe it was a good idea naming you after them, huh?” I shook your head.

They all looked at each other. Suddenly, William moved forward and jumped onto my bed. He sat on his haunches, on a nest of pillows on my bed, his back was straight and he had the most serious cat face I had ever seen. Well if you don't count Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter having a serious cat face. I sat next to him, and watched as the kitten with the mismatched eyes, walk forward and placed a little paw on my boot clad foot. “I’m guessing you want to be named now?” I picked the little kitten up and noticed he was just as tiny as Alois, "I'm going to take a wild guess and say your a boy. So I guess I'll call you Ciel." The kitten smiled and nudged  my hand and I smiled petting his hand. Ciel purred before glaring at Sebastian and Alois who appeared to be snickering at him.

Ciel blinked, and if looks could kill, then they would surely be dead. 

“Ciel you got habit of glaring at people, don't you.” I shook my finger at him and put him down, "I have to finish getting ready." I went to put the last of my makeup while all of the three kittens decided to get on my bed. All four kittens watched me.

[Why won't she give me attention?!] Alois said pouting while he watched me

[Because you're trash that's why.] Ciel said to him

Alois growled and almost lunged at Ciel if Sebastian wasn't at his side.

"Okay I'm done. Now to go to the races." I whispered to myself 

The four kittens cocked their heads to the side and stared at me.

[What are the races?] Alois asked out loud

[I'm not sure.] William replied observing me

"Hey Gigi I named the last kitten." Ceci said walking in with the last three kittens trailing behind her

"Let me guess you named him Undertaker." I said doing my hair while the three kittens got on my bed

"Yup." Ceci said grinning before looking at me "We need to feed them, and give them a bath."

"I know, but I'm racing so you're cat sitting." I told her

"Can't you miss tonight, and hey I mean how can you leave these innocent kitties." She said whining

"Easy I walk out the door and head to the races." I replied looking at her "Why did you call him Undertaker?"

"Easy his grin, and we might as well call him Undertaker since the rest of the kittens are named after Black Butler characters." She replied looking at the kittens

"True, but what made you call him that?" I asked

"Well..." Ceci started to say

~Flashback Starts~
Ceci changed her clothes when she heard the pitter-patter of pawed feet enter her room. She saw Grell, Claude, and the last kitten all staring at her. Suddenly, Claude jumped on her bed sitting on his haunched, with his back straight, and he had the most serious cat face she had ever seen before.
"Now I'm going to name the last kitty!" Ceci said giving the last kitten an uneasy smile, yeah, she was kinda a bit creep out at the fact that it grinned. "Your turn smiles." Reaching out to the kitten, silently asking  it to 'come here' it obeyed, and Ceci picked it up. "You know I'm going to call you Undertaker! Because you remind me of him from Black Butler. That and you both have the same grin. And you kinda look like him." Ceci curled one of her fingers in Undertaker's long silver kitty bangs.

"So we have, one girl and six boys!" Ceci said rubbing Undertaker's ear with her thumb and forefinger, and he hummed lowly in his chest, before Ceci placed him on the ground.

"Let's go see what Gigi's doing." Ceci said standing up and walked to Gigi's room with the three kittens behind her.
~Flashback Ends~

"Well okay then." I said staring at the kittens ""Well I'm Giselle Amaro. And this is Cecilia Acosta." I said to the kittens William, Undertaker, Sebastian, and Ciel, meowed back, while Alois and Claude, conversed among themselves and Grell seemed to be sulking on the corner of my bed near Ceci.

"I'm starving, i'm pretty sure you and the kitties are too. Let me make something up quick, then I can head to the races." I said to Ceci

Ceci nodded and we both proceeded to walk out of my room and towards the kitchen, the kittens trailing behind us silently. 

[Claude she doesn't give me attention.] Alois whined to his cat butler

The other kittens rolled their eyes at Alois and studied their new caretakers.

"So, what are we giving them to eat? I mean we don't have cat food, but you did just restock the fridge. We have tuna and lunch meat." Ceci said to me

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