Find me where the wild things are.

Hi. I am Ashley. I live with Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam,andLouis. We are all supernatural. We all have different powers and animal spirits. We were assiainged to our animal spirit when we were born. There is a man named Matt who had been after me for revenge. Niall found me on the strret when i was 8. Now 27 i have to learn to fight,kill or be killed.


4. Holding my ground

(Nialls pov) 

What have i done?!?!?! I just let her go like that? She could be hurt and lost. Please let this all be a dream and let her soft body wake in my arms. GOD DAMNET!!!!  I walked around sniffing and searching for her scent. But with all these damn ashes around i kept losing it. The guys searched to. I heard zayn bark and yelp at the same time. He found a strong scent. We all barked and ran to find my baby girl!


Two hours have passed and we still havent found her. I looked around for her as tears spilled out of my eyes. I cant live with myself anymore. We just kept walking. Then harry started running as we followed. "What is it mate?" I barked. "I ground caught her scent. Followed by....someone" he said. He stopped. A man about 27 was slowly getting up. I caught alexs scent on his shirt. "Gotta..kill the human..wolf..." he said. Oh no he didnt. We all let out a low growl at him. He turned around and looked transfixedly at us. I moved forward. He pulled the trigger on his gun,but not all the way,just rested hus finger on it. Zayn stepped. Then liam. His eyes widened. We walked around him in a circle,growling lowly. He stepped foward. We barked. He flinched. 

(Note descrebing the attack scene of his death)

We ran and found her lying on the cold,hard,dirty,ground. Dried blood splattered her shirt and her lowered lip. "Love?" I crunpled to the ground beside her. Stone cold. I ran my fingers over her cheeks. "Niall?" She whispered. "Baby,i am right here" i said as a tear fell from my eye. "I am so sorry" she said. "N-n-nno i-i-iim sorry" i stuttered. "I love you" she whispered. She shivered and took a breath,then stopped. "Baby? Sis?" I heard zayn cry as we all followed.

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