Find me where the wild things are.

Hi. I am Ashley. I live with Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam,andLouis. We are all supernatural. We all have different powers and animal spirits. We were assiainged to our animal spirit when we were born. There is a man named Matt who had been after me for revenge. Niall found me on the strret when i was 8. Now 27 i have to learn to fight,kill or be killed.


6. Enchanted

btw this part gets hot!! Get ready for her and niall.....well.u will see...

and it will be in no ones we go!


He breathed on her neck as she shivered and smiled. She turned around and smiled at him. He softly gripped her neck and pulled her into a kiss. She smiled. The kiss became more passionate. "I am sorry i ran away yesterday" she whispered. "Let just focus on one thing at a time love" he whispered. He got ontop of her and kissed a trail down her neck. She gasped and smiled. He ran his hand up and down her shirt,she shivered ever so slightly. Slowly she did the same,but pulled it off revealing his chest. He touched her bra and tugged at her shirt,asking. She nodded. "As long as you love me" she said. Niall pulled off the blue blouse and threw their shirts in the floor. He kissed her lips and proceeded. She ran her hands allng his abs and smiled. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed harder. Then she had to grip her legs around his waist and pulled him closer. 

He let her take charge for awhile before pulling of her shorts. He kissed her softskin. She ran her fingers through his hair and swerved a little. Before they knew it they were....and he got inside her. She wanted to scream. He gripped her sides,heaving in and out. He put a pillow to her face and let her scream as he smiled. She pushed off the pillow and kissed his ear softly. "Love u" he said softly pulling her closer. She moande as he went in and out solemnly. He kissed her neck and pulled the covers down,exposing their bodies to the cold air. Love is the closest thing we have to magic.....

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