Moonlight Melodies

His eyes shone bright and he beamed at me. Draco malfoy. The sun bounced off his bonde hair. He cane to me. "Taylor Swift. At hogwarts" he said. He leaned in and i felt his soft lops touch mine. I ran my fingers through his hair. Oh man,he will be the death of me.

1. Him

I walked out on the platform. I looked for platform 9 and 3 quarters. I saw a boy with blonde hair with the exact same thing as me. I walked over to him and asked "You're going to hogwarts too right?". "Yeah,i am. Do you need any help?" He ssked. I nodded my head. "Well,all we have to fo is run through that" he pointed at a brick wall. "Come on" he said. We ran thorugh it,i ran with my eyes shut. Then i heard a train whistle. I opened my eyes. The Hogwarts Express was tyere,all bright and red. I saw people giving their kids higs and waving goodbye. I wish my parents were here. They hated magic,wizards,witches,everything about it. Tears filled my eyes. They hated me. "You ok?" He asked. I nodded as we got on the train. I wiped them away,my tears. Ha,they are SO missing out. I smiled. I jumped around in circles. Twirling,squealing,and not even caring if anyone sees me dancing. He laughed. We sat in a compartement together with Crabbe and goyle. "Im draco,draco malfoy"he said holding out his hand. I shook it as i said"Taylor,Taylor Swift" i shook his hand. I grabbed my phone out and had to explain to them what it wat it was. I pulled out earbuds and said that they play good music. I turned it on and played "Good girls" by 5 seconds of summer. I put it in Dracos ear. He moved his head up and down. He liked it. :) . I too it out and danced. The train was moving. They all started dancing too (ha ha ha!) and i sang along with it. We got weird looks,but i dont give a crap what they think about us. We were crazy. Draco looked like a petrified ballerina,i have no idea what crabbe and goyle were,and i was..well i dunno. We sat down when the song ended and i plugged it back for myself. After a few hours they all fell asleep. I did too,listening to Austin Mahone. 😊😊😊************************************************************************ 

Thank you all for reading. I will post more and it will get more funny and interesting. Thank u agin lovelies!


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