United We Stand

Love is at stake, lives are on the line, but for Hypersensitives, no risk can stop their new-found friend, from destroying the world...

Adele is a seventeen year-old, facing her A-levels, who has always been different, from the moment she was born, but when she is kidnapped by a government agency, she realises there are things far worse that failing her exams...


6. The Name's Max... Max Galloway...


I feel a gentle touch on my arm. It's so gentle I an barely feel it's there. Breath tickles on my cheek. Someone is leaning over me. They're ever so close. I open my eyes as slowly as I can, afraid of what I will see. I expect to see that man hovering over me, but it's not. The face leaning over mine is male, yes. But it is that of little more than a boy. And a shockingly handsome boy at that.

What I wouldn't give for those high cheekbones, and that strong, masculine jawline. His deep green eyes are as clear as emeralds, but flecked with dots of honey. The strong bridge of his nose is home to a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He looks at me in a mixture of worry and confusion. Have I seen him before? I can't remember. It's like my brain has been fogged up.

I open my mouth to say something but he interrupts me.

“No time,” he says tersly, as he drags me off the bed into quite a speedy run. I put my hand on his arm and pull out of his grip. Something has caught my eye.

“No,” I say simply. I run back in the direction we came from. I run as fast as I can, but soon he's caught up. He looks at me.

“Why are you running away from me? I'm trying to save you.” He looks so confused… and… caring. That stops me in my tracks for a second. Nobody's ever cared for me before. I'm just a poor, fat, little orphan girl (or so I thought) with no friends. As I start running again, I spot it again. A small black panel with red buttons on it. I grab and ID card out of a lab coat hanging on a peg on the wall. I swipe it on the panel, and the plastic casing over the buttons pulls up. They have these marks on:




Whacking the bay 3 button, red lights go up everywhere. All the doors along the corridor go up in flashing red lights and people start charging out of them.

“What d'you do that for?” he asked me, grabbing me by the arm and starting to run again. He's holding me much more firmly this time so that I can't leave.

I look up at him giving him the look. “Diversion,” is all I say, before we take off at a run again, aiming for the exit.


As we run, I look down at the girl I'm hand-in-hand with. She's shockingly beautiful, but also shockingly thin. Her arms are like toothpicks and her hand is so fragile I'm worried I might break it just by having it in my hand. Her flame-coloured hair is escaping from the messy bun pinned to the back of her head. Slipping from the bun, a wisp of her hair falls and settles next to her cheek. I reach down and push it back behind her ear.

Her head twists so that she is looking up at me with her clear, unreadable eyes. Her full, red lips are so close, so tempting. Somehow, I resist the urge to lean over and touch them with mine. What's wrong with me? We're trying to escape from Unity, and I'm trying to control my flipping emotions!

“Where do you think you're going?” a voice from behind, questions. My head whips around with a crack. A man in a suit and black sunglasses is watching us with a hint of amusement on your face. “Did you really think your little diversion had us fooled?” He pulls forward Alison, gripping her by the collar on her white shirt.

“No!” I yell. “Let Ali go.” The girl standing next to me seems cold, nonchalant, uncaring. Suddenly, she spins around towards the Commander and arcs her leg up in a high fighting-kick. Whacking him straight on the chin, she grabs Alison from his arms and closes her eyes. Is she praying? No, she's focusing. Tapping Ali on the shoulder, I realise what she is. She must be a Concealer. Alison has vanished.

“Run!” the girl yells. “Go!” And with that, she shoves an empty space but seems to make contact. A ripple in the air shows me that Alison has followed the instructions. Good. Good, good, good! The plan was to free Hypes, and to make sure that Alison made it out okay. I have fulfilled both of those tasks. I am happy. No. Not happy. But contented at least.

Looking at the girl again, I realise just how thin she is, almost as if she could snap in two at any moment. He skin is pulled tight over her cheekbones. Little bits of her flame-red hair fall down over her eyes. She manages to resist the irritation and turns to the dude in the suit who just took Ali prisoner.

“How dare you take a little girl like that?” she says, her eyes burning with anger. “What if that was your daughter?”

He just laughs. Not a hysterical laugh, just a cold, harsh one. As if all the emotion has been pulled out of him. He clicks his fingers and two suited people walk over to me and this mysterious girl. Who is she? How can we have come this far together, yet I still don't know her name. She looks over at me as she is pulled in the opposite direction.

“Are you here to save me? Are you my guardian angel?” she laughs, as she trips over the words, trying to get them out in a hurry. Oh, to see that smile again… Some people smile with their mouths. Some people smile with their eyes. And then there are those who smile with both. The genuineness of it takes me surprise. So much so, in fact, that I feel a something tugging at my lips, and my lips quirk up into a smile.

“Yes to the former, and I don;t think so to the latter,” I reply. “Oh, and the name's Max. Max Galloway… ”

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