United We Stand

Love is at stake, lives are on the line, but for Hypersensitives, no risk can stop their new-found friend, from destroying the world...

Adele is a seventeen year-old, facing her A-levels, who has always been different, from the moment she was born, but when she is kidnapped by a government agency, she realises there are things far worse that failing her exams...


1. Prologue

Monday, 22nd August 2016
Dear Diary,
    I am so glad that I started writing in you all those months ago. Having a friend to confide in through the most difficult, confusing and dangerous time of my life made it all possible. You are what kept me going through my darkest hours, you, and an idea. An idea that scared people, because it was an idea that could change the world.
    It's strange how people get scared quite so easily. I never thought that an idea could make dreams, crush hopes, bring joy, and instil fear into people's hearts. I only ever wanted one thing for our world. That's all any of us ever wanted, or ever had. It's all that we every strove to bring about. We were driven on by one mission, one idea, one ambition.
    So now it's up to everyone else. Are they going to sit back and consume the lies that they lived in for the rest of their lives? Are they going to try and forget everything that they are responsible for? Or are they going to turn things around? Nothing will get better if we don't stand together, working together, united together for one idea, one aim, and one goal. Peace.
    I spent too many years living in fear, and swallowing the lies that people fed me because they were easier to deal with than the truth. My name is Adele DeWinter, I am seventeen years old, and I want to give everyone out there a choice. A choice of whether to do the right thing, to stand up for what is good and true, or to sit back, and let others take the wheel. I still have faith in the one idea that got me up in the morning and allowed me to sleep at night, so why should anyone else be any different?
    Why should anger and prejudice be allowed? Why do people turn a blind eye? Is it because it is easier to deal with than the inconvenient truth. We are, were, and always be people, just like them. The only way that they could every bring themselves to treat us like that was because they convinced themselves that we are so different from them that we are no longer human. We walk, talk, sleep and feel emotions and pain in just the same way that they do. We are just different, and that scares them. As far as they are concerned, what makes us different, makes us dangerous.  Together, we can stand up for the truth, stand up for what we believe in, stand up for what is right.

This is how it all started. This is what happened six months ago today:

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