Bad Boy Clifford

"I can't control myself around him. It's like I'm a completely different person." I said to Chloe. She raised her eyebrows.
"It's not a bad thing, he just makes me feel, I don't know.... dangerous."


7. My cousin

The next morning I woke up and rushed to the window because I could hear voices outside. I saw Luke, Michael, and one other guy that looked really familiar. He turned around and I realized that it was my cousin, Ashton. I had no idea how they knew each other.

I realized that Ashton was walking this way when I looked up again. I heard our doorbell ring and I ran to go get it. Right when I opened the door, he started yelling.

"Alex, what the hell?!" Why are you riding home with a senior?! Are you into him?! He's way too old for you!!" I tried to speak several times, but Ashton kept on interrupting me.

"Ash, how do you know about this?" I finally asked. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. Michael and Luke walked over to my door. Luke gave me a nervous look, and Michael was playing with his fingers while looking at the ground.

"Luke, I can't believe you would hit on a sophomore!!" Ashton screamed. Luke began to speak,

"Ashton, I wasn't-"

"I can't believe this!" Ashton yelled again as he walked into my house to the kitchen.

"Hey Alex." Michael said softly. I opened my mouth but Luke started talking instead of me.

"See you after school. I'll just take you straight home." he said.

"Guys, hang on." I said, shutting my front door behind me. I started talking.

"I'm really sorry about Ashton, he gets really..-"

"Protective." Michael finished for me.

"We know." Luke added.

"Thank you for being cool about this." I said, beginning to go back inside.

"See you at school Luke. Bye Michael." I said, smiling.

They turned and walked away when I shut the door. I looked out the window to see Michael lifting up his sleeves, revealing a tattoo on his arm. It's like he was trying to hide it from me. I then turned around and headed to the kitchen to find Ashton.

"Ashton, what the hell are you-"

"I'm staying here for the next few weeks, okay?" he interrupted, yet again.

"Fine, whatever." I said while leaning my back against the counter.

"Where's your parents?" he asked.

"Mom's at work, and I don't have a dad, so.."

"Oh right. I forgot our parents had the same situation. Sierra?"

"College." I responded.

"Okay, well get ready because I'm driving you to school today."

"But Ash-"

"You're not riding with Luke. That's final." he said. I groaned and headed upstairs to my room. I wasn't even planning on riding with Luke, I was gonna ride with Chloe. I texted her not to come.

After throwing on a white tee-shirt and ripped black skinny jeans, I did my makeup and brushed out my hair. I grabbed my white converse and went out to Ashtons car.

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