A heart of gold and a voice of iron

the kingdom of Panasia is one of the last six thriving kingdoms. there are no wars and no weapons and the country's live in fear and respect of the six kings and the elder emperor. now in the smallest kingdom Panasia, king Alvermorya and his wife are preparing their daughter for her last year of schooling before her betrothal tho prince Johan of the fourth kingdom wich by name is called Okladrea. until the princess loses her heart to a young man named Leonardo of the third. this (outstandingly handsome) man is me.
in this book, you will get to see through both the tutor and the princesses eyes


5. A New World Changing


            I Stepped out from my hover. not sure what to do for a moment, but a slime brisk man walked up and asked for the keys to my hover I handed then started to say " I'm the um Mu..'' he finished my sentence and told me room 204 was my personal room and room 409 was my ''work room '' he said with a sarcastic tone. the rooms were large and i had one too many people ask me if I was her for a tour. i found my room first and put my bag on the bed. the room was a good size for on person to fit comfortably i had my own port tube wich was a thrill. have only used a port tube twice in the fancy place I can't quite remember my dad used to work there and when I switched sectors three years ago.   

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