Bits and pieces

As the title suggests this is a collection of bits and pieces from lives and events. These lives and events became intertwined with one another shaping and forming as well as creating and destroying...
What came of these people is yet known but be warned this journey may not make any sense for those on the surface………..


1. Emmy


This is the story of Emmy.

Emmy was your average student, except she had a secret. No you idiot she doesn’t have any superpowers, no psychic powers either and no she doesn't live a secret life as a spy. Although she does live different lives I suppose, but would you just shot up and let me tell this story. Who knows you might just learn something. okay back to what’s important. Emmy.

As I said she was your average student. she went to class, hated math, spend her free periods on talking with friends and classmates instead of doing homework and assignments, which would have been a lot smarter. And as I already told you she had a secret.

Emmy was hiding a part of herself. she thought that if she showed that side of her being anyone they would leave her. That they would no longer like her.

Although the secret was kept to make sure she wouldn’t be alone, she felt alone.

She never felt like anyone ever really knew her.

She wanted so badly to just tell someone, anyone, but she couldn’t.

It was her secret itself, that kept her from telling anyone about it.

Emmy dreamed that her secret was part of some story, a fantasy.

But it wasn’t, and that was the cold, hard truth she had to accept.

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