The Choice

Anna is 18, and is so busy planning her future, that she's out of touch with the world. She doesn't have time for love, until her friend wins tickets to go backstage at a Justin Bieber concert, and drags her along. Anna has no idea who he is, or how much he's about to change her life.


6. The Extra Mile

Anna opened the door of her hotel room, to find Lily asleep in bed. She had left a note on the desk.

Hope everything is okay, Anna-Banana. Wake me up when you're back.
Lily xoxo

But Anna ignored the note, got changed in to her pajamas, and crawled in to bed next to her best friend. The next thing she knew, an urgent knock on the hotel room door was waking her from her dreams about handsome popstars, dark corridors, and penthouse elevators. She rubbed her eyes open, only to find Lily standing over her.
"ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW ANNA EDWARDS?" She yelled. Anna's heart fell to her feet. She began mumbling, to try and explain. But Lily interrupted her.
"You met a guy at the concert? And you didn't even tell me? Wow. I'm your best friend Anna! Is that why you were so distracted when we were sat with the biggest star in the world?!" Lily was smiling now. Anna sat up, totally confused.
"No, I didn't meet a guy at the concert. You were with me the whole time!" She yawned.
"Well, can you explain these?" Lily pointed to a bouquet of roses in a crystal vase on the desk. A crisp white envelope was sticking out of the dark green leaves. Anna was suddenly wide awake, her heart pounding too fast. 
"Oh my God." She whispered, eyes wide. 
"So? Who is he?" Lily grinned, walking over to the flowers and plucking the envelope out of the leaves. "Or do I have to find out for myself?"
"No!" Anna cried, just a little too loud. She jumped out of bed and snatched the envelope out of Lily's hands.
"Oh I see... getting defensive are we? GIVE ME THAT ENVELOPE!" Lily hopped on to Anna's back giggling, trying to snatch the envelope from her hands. The girls wrestled playfully, and collapsed on the bed laughing and breathless. After a moment's calm, Anna whispered:
"It's just too new."
"I know. It's okay. You don't have to tell me anything. But when you're ready, I'd love to hear about him." Lily smiled, waggling her eyebrows and sticking her tongue out, making her face look so ridiculous Anna burst out laughing again.
"Come on, it's time to go." Lily said sadly, after the girls had spent the day laughing and relaxing in the hotel spa. 
"I can't believe we have to get the train home. It sort of breaks the spell, don't you think?" Anna asked, lazily.
"Yeah, I guess. But the perfect day has to end sometime." Lily responded, double checking the room. Anna thought about this for a moment, her heart heavy. She was right, the perfect day did have to end. She'd had the most unbelievable 24 hours, full of joy and excitement. Now it was time to get back to reality.

The girls made their way to the front desk to check out. Handing over the keycard to the polished, smiling receptionist, the girls looked at each other and smiled. It had been a perfect weekend. 
"Thank you, Miss Wilson, your transportation is waiting for you outside." The receptionist smiled at Lily. 
"Our transportation?" Lily asked, confused.
"Yes, ma'am. Mr. Bieber requested a car to transport you both home today. The limo is outside." The receptionist smiled again placidly, with a finality in her tone that indicated the conversation was over.
"WHAT!" Lily beamed. "Oh my freaking God! Justin Bieber got us a limo?! BEST WEEKEND EVER!" With these words, Lily bolted outside, dragging her hot pink suitcase behind her.
Anna tried as hard as she could, but she couldn't help the small smile that crossed her lips.

The limo ride home was crazy, the girls were excited and shocked at Justin's kindness. He'd even left them a note with the driver.

Anna, Lily

Enjoy the ride home, The fairytale doesn't have to end yet.
J x

"Wait, what?" Lily frowned. "The fairytale doesn't have to end yet? I mean, meeting him was a dream come true, but I wouldn't really describe it as a fairytale. I don't know, celebrities, huh?" 
Anna stared at the card. It was meant for her. It was a plea. But, it was too late. He was gone, and they were too. It was over. The fairytale did have to end. Anna was quiet for the rest of the journey, and Lily was so busy yelling "I hugged Justin Bieber!" at pedestrians, she didn't even notice.

Somehow exhausted, Anna collapsed on her bed, finally home, finally alone. She'd said goodbye to Lily, and promised to text her soon, she'd spent 15 minutes talking to her mom about the concert, and explaining the flowers she'd received from a 'mystery guy'. Her mom had been curious, but pleased. She loved that her daughter was so studious, but she also wanted Anna to be happy, and her mom believed that finding love could be just the thing to bring her daughter out of her shell. Anna rolled on to her side and took the small white envelope out of her blazer pocket. She'd been waiting for what seemed like years to open it. She stared at it a moment, her name was written in neat letters on the front. She tried to hold out as long as she could, but curiosity got the better of her, and she opened up the envelope to find a small white card. Anna's face lit up, as she read the words she didn't even know she wanted to hear.

Beautiful Anna,
Stop running, and call me when you get home. Please.
Justin x


Underneath, was a phone number. Anna hugged the card to her chest with glee, and then froze in panic. Call him? What would she even say? 'Thanks for the kiss, sorry I ran away without warning'?
She couldn't call him. If she did, she'd be getting her hopes up for something more than a phone call. She couldn't do it. She stared at the card, at his neat print, and thought back to the night before. The way his lips felt against hers, the smile on his face when he looked at her, the way he'd made her feel.

Before she even registered what she was doing, she was dialing the number on the card, and praying to the Gods of language for the ability to talk coherently. The phone rang a couple of times, and then...






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