5sos: a muke love story

Gay ass smut


4. -Chapter 3-

Luke's pov

The sun was just setting and Michael and I decided to go to his house. Michael unlocked the door and said, "mom! I'm home! I brought Luke. We're gonna discuss band stuff."

Michaels Mum- "I'll bring you boys water and dinner in a few. I'm ordering pizza. Luke, pepperoni or plain?"

L- "plain please, thank you."

She nodded and smiled. Michael and I ran upstairs.

M- "We shouldn't go at it right away. Let's just make out for an hour and the once my mum brings us food, we can finish eating and then I'll eat you." He smirked and I blushed.

I nodded and pushed him on the bed. "But I want you now clifford the big bad boy." I smiled and sat in between his thighs on the bed. I rubbed my hands on his crotch, making the boner go away. I kissed his neck and then his cheek, and then his lips. He moaned every time I kissed his jaw line.

I slid my hands down his pants and grabbed his dick softly. Just so that he would squeal. I chuckled and left a hickey on his neck. "You're so venerable during sex." I said and kissed him

M- "yeah, but at least I'm not as weak at you."

L-" oh I'm the weak one? You moan way to fucking much. But it's adorable." I winked and kissed his jaw line, softly sucking on it, making him moan again. He smiled and ran his fingers through my hair.

M- "I love you."

I blushed and kissed him, "S-so what... What Uhh...."

M- "Luke, do you not love me?"

L- "I love you too." I smiled and chuckled, "I was just tricking you baby."

M- "Baby, I wanna stay up all night with you." I rubbed his crotch through his jeans and unbuttoned his first button. He smiled as I dropped his skinny jeans to his thighs. I bit the top of his boxers and dragged them down to where his pants were.

I ran one hand up his chest as I kissed his inner thigh.

M-"Luke, I thought you were a virgin."

L- "No. Remember that one girl in fifth grade?"


L-"Yeah. She taught me a few things." I smiled and grabbed his ass while sucking on his left ball. He moaned loudly.

The door swung open and it was his twin sister Amber.

Amber- "️MIKEY!!! Eww!!!!"

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