5sos: a muke love story

Gay ass smut


3. -Chapter 2-

Luke's POV

Michael bit his lip and checked me out. Ashton sucked on my neck and Calum kissed me. Michael bent down and started to suck.

"Ahhh~ f-fuck, so much pleasure-e..." I moaned as all boys did there little movements. Ashton chuckled. He pushed Michael slightly and got in front of me. I smiled and said, "Hi Daddy."

"Hi baby boy. Do you want a spanking today?" He kissed my neck and waited for an answer.

I nodded and said, "What about my friends daddy?"

He looked at Calum and Michael, michael bit his lip and Calum just wanted me. "I guess it's only you baby." Ash said and pushed me into the bed. I smiled and easily got on top. Or, at least he was letting me, just this once.

I smiled and took off his shirt. Then his pants, and then his boxers. He moaned and thrusted up as I gave him a hickey on his neck.

"Hey, we can't stand here with boners you know." Michael said looking at us.

"Then you and Calum fuck." Ashton said, and kissed me again.

Michael looked at Calum and sighed. "I vowed never to do this again." Calum said looking at Michael.

"Wow, I feel so much better, thanks bud." Mikey rolled his eyes.

"Just fuck already!" I said and giggled, "I'll take turns with all of you, throughout the week. You'll each get the same time. Or, maybe." I smirked and so did the rest of the boys.

"Okay." They said in unison. I went back to kissing Ashton, but the person I wanted most now was Michael. I only want Michael.

"Guys, can Michael go first today? We have some unfinished business." I smirked and Michael took me off Ashton. He pushed me slowly on the wall and took off his shirt. "Damn." I said and sucked a hickey on his neck.

He chuckled quietly and sucked on mine too. I moaned while giving him hickeys everywhere on his neck. His hands traveled up my sides and then back down them. I rested my head on the wall and moaned as his lips slid down my body.

Ashton and Calum had gotten their pants on and left without shirts. I liked the feeling that me and Michael could finally be alone and do this with each other.

A/N-I'm still updating! Don't worry!-

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