Runaway Bride (Louis Tomlinson)

Rachel Anne Adams was forced to marry the man her family is indebted to, so she made the decision that could change her life forever - runaway. She needs to fix her life and start a new one away from all the shits her family had caused her, with her boyfriend, Nicholas, who then left when he learned that she's getting married. All she have to do is go after him. Yes, that's all it takes for her to be with the one she loves. But she has nowhere to go. She has no choice but to stay inside an old, run-down car of someone she has no idea who. But she has completely no idea that it belonged to a sexy yet arrogant man named Louis Tomlinson, who owns a run-down pub in the small town of England. Louis was pissed when he found her sleeping inside his beloved car. So she contemplated her with a deal, he has to take her to Nick and she'll pay him after. And so the deal was made. Things gets really crazy when she found herself falling for the blue-eyed stranger along their adventurous journey...


3. iii.

Louis' POV

There's nothing more I wanted to do than to throw up at the movie I was forced to watch with my best mate, Liam.

It's so fucking cheesy and romantic it makes me sick.

I complied with his request just because he's sick. Yes, the bastard is sick and he called me up this morning and told me to come over because he needs some company and that I'm gonna be his private nurse for the day. He somehow wished his private nurse have boobs tho which made me end the call.

The bastard insisted to watch Love, Rosie because he felt like it could somewhat make him feel better.

We argued for like hours on what movie to watch because I wanted to watch The Avengers but he insisted on watching some RomCom shits.

But you already know exactly who won since I'm now gagging at the sight in front of me where Alex is writing a fucking cheesy letter to Rosie.

We are sprawled lazily on the couch and Liam wrapped himself in a blanket while munching some popcorn with his legs on the center table. He would fart occasionally which made me glare at him and he would just give me a sheepish smile and turn his attention back to the movie again like nothing happened at all.

God, how long am I gonna endure this?!

But eh, Lily Collins' hot though so it's kinda okay with me.

I craned my neck to my side, looking at Liam who's now in the verge of tears as I heard him sniffling while very much caught up with the movie.

"What the actual fuck?", I can't help but laugh at him.

He glared at me while stuffing a mouthful of popcorn inside his mouth.

"Shoowtttt the foookkk up mahnn!", he said, completely sounding gibberish.

"This is the best part of the movie where Rosie gets a hotel and Alex wins her back so calm your tits", he said as some of his chewed popcorn came flying out of his mouth.

"Ew! What the hell man! Okay, okay I'll shut my mouth but it's disgusting as fuck", I said, raising my hands in defense.

"Yeah whatever! Just shut up", he huffed and turned back to the TV.

God, this guy is impossible!

I don't even know why I've survived being bestfriends with him for a long time. But this bastard's been with me through thick and thin so I owe him a lot. 

Like the time, back in college where I've been shot and was in the verge of death. I am your typical bad boy back then, involved with gangs and fights. 

But then here comes Liam, my total opposite, who believes in true love and believes that unicorns exists. We met when we were partnered for a project in our literature class. He was so fucking annoying and followed me everywhere I go and said that he wants to be as cool as me. I punched him in the face so that he would stop pestering me but he was at it again the next day. 

And then I got shot in a gang fight and was hospitalized for weeks. I don't have friends back then but Liam went and visits me everyday. I would always push him away but this bastard's just so stubborn and wouldn't stop annoying me to death so I decided to let him be since he's the only one who has the patience to put up with me. 

When I got out from the hospital, we'd hangout a lot after classes and I don't want to admit it at first, but I enjoy his company and had known a lot about him.

Liam made me swore to never go back to the gang again, which I think is so fucking gay, but agreed anyway.

Liam and I have two other mates, Harry and Niall.

Niall is my 'business partner'. He's the cook in our pub while I'm the one who manages it. It's not really just a pub since the second floor of it is a motel with 7 rooms, including mine and Niall's. It's really not that fancy since it's located in a small town and only few people lives there so business kinda sucks.

Harry is a tattoo artist and owns a a little tattoo parlor here in Doncaster. He's the one who gives me and Liam some kick-ass tats. Niall is the only one tattoo-less since he thinks tattoos are too stereotypical.

My thoughts were soon interrupted when I heard Liam yawn. 

"That was good! I think I'm better now", he said as he stretched his arms.

I saw the movie has already ended, making me sigh in relief.

"Ugh finally!", I exclaimed.

He sniffles down his armpits and crunched his nose after smelling himself.

"Fuck! I smell horrible", he cursed, getting up from the couch, making his way to the bathroom.

"You're so disgusting, Liam", I laughed, getting up from the couch as well.

I walked up to the window to check my car which was parked on the alley next to Liam's apartment. I looked down at my car since Liam's apartment is on the third floor and saw that it was still there. It was raining pretty bad outside and I didn't noticed it until now. I closed the window and went to tell Liam I need to go.

"Liam, I need to go. It's already raining hard", I shouted.

I looked down my watch and cursed when I saw the time. I looked up and saw Liam's head peeking through the bathroom door.

"What the fuck, man! Are you taking a shit?", I asked.

"Yes and you should probably stay. It's not safe to drive at night especially when it's raining", he said.

"Nah. I have to head back now and I'm not sleeping on your fart-smelling couch", I said, pointing at his couch that's been on the same spot as far as I can remember.

"Okay but give your best mate a hug", he said.

"I will but finish your business first", I laughed, shaking my head.

Liam laughed as he closed the door and I heard the toilet flushed. After a while, Liam walked out the bathroom.

"C'mon! You know we don't see each other very often", he said while spreading his arms wide.

"You're so gay, man", I said as I gave in to a man hug.

"You really smells like shit, Liam. When was the last time you showered?", I said, jokingly.

"I can't remember. It was a long time ago", he said like it was no big deal.

I playfully pushed him away as I made my way to the door.

"Tell Niall I said 'hi'. That leprechaun owes me food after he lost that bet from me", he said.

"Yeah I will", I replied.

"Bye, Tommo! Thanks for being my sexy nurse", he said while waving his hand.

"Bye, Liam and no problem", I laughed and closed the door behind me.

I hurried down the stairs and stopped when I reached the main door of the apartment. It's already 10 AM and it's raining hard.

"Fuck", I muttered under my breath as I pulled my denim jacket above my head, running to the alley where my car is parked.

The cold air nipped on my skin, making me shiver as I opened the car door. Realization hit me as soon as I opened the door.

I forgot to lock it. Fuck!

It's completely dark inside my car and I can't barely see anything. I turned on the ignition as I started to drive out the alley and sped down the wet road.

This is going to be a long ride.

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