One more chance

"Well a man will be spending the rest of his life in prison for the abusement of his daughter,Alex Marie Day" i heard the news reporter say. We had to save her. Only 11 and no one to love her. Lets do this,she has one more chance.


10. How did i end up this way?

drews pov..

I walked on home with Toast by my side. Alex was so nice and pretty. We have alot in common to. I really like her. She is so AWESOME. But its gonna be hard since she has 4 guys proctecting her. She told me they all had a shirt that said D.A.D.D

Dads   Against   Daughter    Dating    

So its gonna be hard,but i will find a way to make her mine.....


hey guys im sorry i havent been here u guys!




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