One more chance

"Well a man will be spending the rest of his life in prison for the abusement of his daughter,Alex Marie Day" i heard the news reporter say. We had to save her. Only 11 and no one to love her. Lets do this,she has one more chance.


3. First

*alex pov*

I walked downstairs clinging onto calum. Ashton called me down while me and cal were drawing (he sucks at drawing). "Yes?" I said. "Come here alex" luke said as i sat on his lap. He bounced me up and down a little. "Love,you are gonna have to go to school" michael said.My eyes widened. School? People? What? "Your making me leave you?" I whispered sadly. "No,honey. We just.." luke started but i got off his lap. "Where are you going?" Ash said. I just kept on walking to my room as tears filled my eyes. "Alex!" I heard,but they got no reply as i ran and slammed then locked calums door. I fell on his bed and cried.

*cals pov* 

"Alex!" I yelled but she ignored me and slammed my door. I ran up but luke beat me there. He was so proctective over her and SO sensitave about her. "Love?" He said then tried opening the door. Locked. "Move" i said. I heard her sobbing which broke my heart SO DAMN BAD. "Alex,please let me in" i said as ash and mike came up. "I want ash!" I heard her. "Alex,im right here,now open up please" he said. In a flash she unlocked it and grabbed it then shut and locked it. Oh man.

*ash pov*

 I went and sat by her on cals bed. I saw that her eyes were red from crying and her hands were clenched together. "Alex whats wrong?" I asked. She took a deep breath. "Before i was here i had gone to a school before" she started,"but it was torcher! I was bullied,yelled at,punched,beaten,and hated. No one was there for me at all. Well,one direction,taylor swift,and 5sos music helped some and my dog,but still time hasnt helped me. I cant feel that again!!" She said as she dug her head into my chest crying. I rubbed her back as i whispered "shh,i wont let that happen,none of us will" i said. "You like one direction and swift?" I said. "Mmhmm" she said nodding. "Please dont let anything hurt me ash" she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Love,i promise i will" i said. She sniffled then looked at me. "I like your hair" she said softly. I laughed which made her laugh and that made me laugh which made her laugh and so forth. She is my little world. "Is it ok if i call you cheese as a nickname?" I asked smiling. She giggled as she said " as long as i get to call too?" She smiled at me. I bit my lip smiling,"of course,cheese"

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