The Innocent and the Ignorant

Everybody knows the tragic events that took place in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1693. You've probably dozed off in history, while your teacher was explaining it in that god awful monotone voice. Nevertheless, you all know the term witch. Allow me to clarify, a individual that possesses spiritual powers that is beyond a regular individual's comprehension. That's what we are; the sisterhood. Many was laid to rest for their born talents, but the few of us that survived are willing to share our tale with you. That includes I. These are the true accounts behind the innocent and the ignorant.


2. The Beginning. Chapter One.

  Every good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. So allow me to say, that this will not be a good one. I know my beginning, I know my middle, but I do not know my end. That is where I struggle. I suppose I should start at the beginning as I figure this will not be an epic poem. I am not an exquisite writer, but I do get my points across. I suppose that's all you really need. Without further a do let this great injustice begin.


The day was a particularly cold one. I remember this because Scarlett was complaining about the weather that very morning. 

"I just don't understand why I feel cold. I thought possessing these great gifts allow me to do great things. Such as keep myself warm." Scarlett huffed while her eyebrows slipped down in frustration.

"You silly girl, we aren't some mythical creature that doubles as a heater. We are women." I pronounced throwing my chest out. 

Scarlett just huffed and continued on the path down to our sanctuary. She never was one for self proclamation. To be quite frank, she would rather hang with the village girls and oggle over the village boys, than be with us. Of course, she'd never come out and say that but we all knew it. Scarlett never cared for our powers like I did. 


   I strayed a tad behind and started twisting my red hair around my finger, a nervous habit I've had since I was a little one. People have always treated me different because of my hair even prior to the Upcoming. They thought my hair represented the fire pits of hell. I suppose they weren't that far off considering the sight of it when I rise up from my evening slumber. I guess people just have a thing about the color red.

       While I watched Scarlett walk away with that childhood pip in her step that she still acquires in her youth of 13, I was lost in thought. It was my duty this week to blend our coven into society. I stared at the stones that lined our path begging them to give me a solution. They just stared back blankly. Rocks were never good advice givers. I turn my head to the wind and listen for any of their great knowledge. Nothing. People in Salem have already suspected that something wasn't completely and utterly normal around here. A few turned their heads in a puzzling manner when we all walk the stone path. I look to my left to the tiny village and sigh in relief when I notice nobody is watching. The harvest is in full motion so most are busy. 

"Rebecca!" I snap my head towards the sound of my name, all senses on high alert. 

To my relief, it was just Scarlett beckoning me to join her a few paces ahead.

"My apologies, I was lost in thought again."

"Yeah, well you're gonna be lost in the woods if you don't hurry up. You remember what Madam Yearn did to the last girl that was late."

Suddenly images filled my head of poor Prudence who made the mistake of being late once. You are only ever late once. She was revoked of her speaking privileges and led deeper into the woods past our sanctuary. Nobody saw her for weeks on end. Her parents assumed she was died. She might as well been. 

I notice we aren't that far away from where the rock trail ends and the tree lines begin. I give Scar a look of 'I'm not too worried about it, we're almost here you ninny'. She just shrugged her shoulders and tugged on me to hurry up. I quickened my paced and fell into step with her.

"Did you hear about what's happening in three days times?" Scar asked me in a hushed whisper.

"No? What is happening in three days times?" I asked puzzled.

"Church week begins for the others. We have to go or there will suspect us, Bec."

I groaned in frustration. The others do this thing where they go to church all day everyday for a weeks time. We are expected to attend to it with our families are else they will know. At least I figured out how to blend our coven into society.

We finally make it through the tree line and we enter the forest. It's only thirty paces straight, twenty-two paces to the left, turn, four paces to the right, turn, and you are to our sanctuary.

"It's nice for you two to join us, why don't you take a seat? You're right on time." Madam Yearn exclaimed when we bursted out into the clearing.

"Yes ma'am." We both said while bowing our heads. 

I took a sit next to Scar and Fawn. I look around and start counting the sisters that are present. As the oldest student here, I have some major responsibilities. One is taking attendance. Believe me, it's such a hassle. I begin to list off in my head... Autumn, May, Scar, Fawn, Anna, and Prudence. That's only seven including myself. That's three girls missing. How peculiar. 

"Head count Miss Town?" Madam Yearn said through sharp eyes.

"There appears to be seven miss, including myself. I'm not really sure where Hayden, April, nor Molly is. I haven't seen them today."

She shakes her head disapprovingly.

"They have decided that instead of using their gifts to maximum ability, they'd rather stay with their families and lay low. Incredulous fools."

We all nod in agreement. I nod out of fear. I sense that Scar is too. The madam scares us to no extent. 

I worm around in the cold oak stool. I look up to the sun where it looks down onto me slowly climbing up the sky. The sky is a marvelous blue color that I have not seen in a very long time. My attention snaps back to Yearn when her thick Old World accent cuts through my daydreaming.

"We won't let them discourage us though. Today, you will pair up with one another and complete the annual finding. You will use your gifts and knowledge to guide you. Rebecca dear, do you mind going alone? The odd number really throws us off." Madam Yearn looked straight into my eyes while asking.

"No problem, miss." 

"Excellent! Let us begin then. Scarlett, you are paired up with Autumn."

I tried my hardest to keep the giggle that so desperately wanted to escape, in. There was bad blood between the two. Autumn was always looking down on Scarlett for no apparent reason. We sense there was enviousness involved. But who knows. Scar stood up with a huff and followed Autumn by the fire where they stood and waited for the rest of us to be paired. Then we will commence the ceremony to begin. 

"Next we have Fawn and May."

They proceeded and took a spot next to Scar and Autumn.

"Anna and Prudence. And finally, Rebecca."

We all joined the others by the ginormous, booming fire. I never did quite grasp how no one from town saw the smoke arising from the fire. I dismissed the thought, as the madam began the burning of the leaves. She chanted something and we followed suit. I won't go into the details of what was said to protect our coven. Nevertheless, finally when all was said and done, we lined up near the edge of the clearing towards the deep forest. Nobody goes back there. I can understand why. 

"Remember ladies, you have to try and teleport back. It may be exhausting but it's part of your test. You have two hours time. Proceed."

With that everybody took off. I went straight and then to the left. While in here we were suppose to collect items and practice our powers. Again, I won't go into details to protect our coven. I do, however, remember feeling the cold wind on my cheeks with the sun warming my hair. I remember feeling uneasy. I hated attacking this alone. I wound up a path that seems to be cleared just for I. I approach a stone and carefully take off the gloves I always wear. I clasp it in my hands and close my eyes as images rush into my mind. We may all be classified as special beings, but we all have a distinct talents within. Scenes dance in my mind as I start seeing what the rock has experienced. 

Darkness. Loneliness. I see a black figure with claws as big as a mountain. I see the devil. I scream and throw the rock down. Something was here. Something dark and cold and out for blood. Something not even human. I have to warn the others. I gather up my gloves and my self will and spin around to run back to where I was. The sun was gone, the blue was gone. In it's place was only the cold wind and grey clouds. I was breathing heavily trying to get back. I wasn't strong enough to transport by myself. I sat down near a wilting tree to gather myself and to devise a plan. I need to tell the others. I need to tell them quickly. I stand up and start proceeding, when something moved out of the corner of my eye. I rapidly turn my head towards it. Nothing. Becca you're just paranoid. Keep going. Tell the others. Remember your mission. I turn back towards that god awful tree and notice how it looks like it is screaming within and how it's almost as if it's pointing  behind me. My poor judgement gets the better of me when I slowly creep around. I didn't even have time to react when something hits me on my head and I was out cold. I suddenly saw the darkness. The nothingness. 



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