The Innocent and the Ignorant

Everybody knows the tragic events that took place in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1693. You've probably dozed off in history, while your teacher was explaining it in that god awful monotone voice. Nevertheless, you all know the term witch. Allow me to clarify, a individual that possesses spiritual powers that is beyond a regular individual's comprehension. That's what we are; the sisterhood. Many was laid to rest for their born talents, but the few of us that survived are willing to share our tale with you. That includes I. These are the true accounts behind the innocent and the ignorant.


1. Prologue

  Humans are rather complex. You have many contributing factors to one, single individual. That's why when it came to what I do, or shall I say practice, I was shunned. My kind did nothing wrong in the whole grand scheme of things. Our beliefs were merely different of those in Salem. They may have thought that they were ridding themselves of some deep, dark entity that represents what their faith calls a demotic spirit. They were not. We breathe like you, we walk like you, and we sleep like you. The only difference is how we perceive. The false film that is slipped over the eyes to create the illusion of reality. We saw incredible powers and how the world around was actually crawling with opportunities to grow stronger. We saw all the colors of the spectrum. They, however, saw what their almighty wanted them to see. That unearthing the spiritual talents was a damnation and a sin. They merely saw two colors: black and white. It's rather humorous that the oh so holy ones called us the sinful ones, while they took away lives with a proclamation and a rope. The fellow sisters I lost to the ground on account of what they saw in their puny reality. Who am I to judge though? Humans are rather complex. 

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