The Chosen

Xoe is a street teenager living the hard life in London in World war 3.
( this is the firsts story I publish, sorry if I've made spelling mistakes)
Updating almost everyday :))
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3. The Library

I saw the sun sneaking up in the distance and decided i had to move before someone saw me. You cant stay at a place more than a week at a time, or else the police will get you and then you'll die or get in jail and i dont know witch one is worse.  The police run the city, if they find you they'll kill you. I need to find ' 098' wich is a group of teenagers wandering the city, those who arent welcome in their parents home anymore, the misfits. The girl i kissed in the school Clark, is in 098. I've seen them a couple times, she was mad at me for loving me, mad at herself for loving me, mad because the love couldnt be accepted. She told me i couldnt be in 098, because she thinks its my fault that we got kicked out on the street. She's my hope along with joining 098. There are 3 people in 098, Clark who would be 18 now, her younger Brother Patrick og a girl named Brittany. i haven't seen them in a while but i've heard they're near the London library. so thats where i'll go today. 

I stopped my motorbike and took of my helmet , checked my gun , counted my bullets and took a look at the old abandoned building. i used to escape here, in the endless bookshelves. After school i went here, but when the war broke out they closed it and the teenagers used it to get high, make out or just ruin the building even more that the bombs did. i kicked in the door, its a mess, ash everywhere, books on the floor, empty bullets. 

i walk around and see an old staircase leading up to the second floor, i went up. i walked slowly with my hands running over the books that where left on the shelves and suddenly i feel a hand tuch mine. My hair raised from my scalp, i looked at the owner of the hand, he looked at me and then laughed. He seems to be around 13, with golden short messy hair, very skinny but in some way muscular, it was Patrick. He pulled out a gun, i hold my hand over mine almost tuching it, 'what do you want here, Xoe?' he asked. 'I was looking for you and your group', ' and why do you think we would take you in 098?' he asked ' i did'nt say that' i said in a harsh tone, he smirked. 

He walked backwards pointing his gun at me, i was about to say something when the floor collapsed over him.

I jumped out and got a hold in his hand at the last second, why am i doing this i asked myself, but i did not get an answer. I tried to pull him up but he was too heavy for me, our hands where getting sweaty and his hand begund to slide out of my hold. suddenly a hand from behind me reached out and took his other hand, we pulled him up together. 'brittany?' i stared at her, 'let me take you to Clark' she said as she smiled to Patrick, he nodded. 

'what makes you think she'll talk to me?' i asked, 'you saved Patrick , we might as well take you into 098 right away'. She smiled at me.

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