Birthday Surprise (EXO)


2. A/N

Sorry guys but, I won't be posting any more of this story/imagine thing for a while. All of the rest is on my phone but I cannot access my phone so I'm not entirely sure of the whole story...

And I'm sorry that it's all one chapter. Movellas won't allow me to separate it into multiple chapters due to the inability to copy paste on this site.

BTW. All characters in this story ARE real people. They are my friends and I would appreciate it if you didn't speak ill of their names. 

As this IS an imagine that I've written over a LONG amount of time (about 5 months) I ask for your forgiveness for spelling errors and sympathy for my eyeballs. Thanks so much!!

And sorry it's kind of a cliffhanger ending about what happens to Sarah(me) and Sehun.

May I let you all know, Sehun isn't ACTUALLY my bias. The amazing bias ruiner Park Chanyeol stepped in right again and is now my UB(Ultimate Bias) AGAIN!

I really hope you guys like it and forgive me for being so inactive for so long.

Love you guys so much and hope to see more of you!!


~Sarah <3

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