How to Get That Man (and a few stalker tactics)

Girls, if you don't know if you should break up with your boyfriend read this book and if he's never done any of these stupid things you should keep him.
Boy's, here's what NOT to do to impress a girl... now if you want to get rid of a girlfriend follow this book strictly.



      How to find an easier target...

Step one: A good place to start your hunt is in the library that's where all the single men hang out. Spasificly in the science fiction area.

Step two: Spot your target and pass them a note that says "do you like me... yes or definitely?" They always fall for it. It may take a couple tries to get the best results, but remember it's better to have something than nothing.

Step three: Continue following your hard to get man on facebook, Instagram, and twitter. Post several pictures every day of you hanging out with your new semi man to make him jealous.

Step four: Your hard to get man target may not appear jealous but a little hint about boys, they are always jealous. post about seven pictures of you and your small target together. If it doesn't work text and email your hard to get man target personally with pictures and messages like "I'm just so happy!" and "Don't you wish you could feel the same way I do about my boyfriend every single day?"


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