The love for a killer

The story is about a Girl named Amy who fell in love with a killer but not just any killer it was Jeff the killer this girl made jeff feel some way he never did before.


4. The Dream

Amy's Dream pov:

I am walking home and hear footsteps behind me i trun aound thinking it's Jeff but its not instead it's this really tall slender figure. I look up to try to see what his face looked like only to see he had no face. Just blank space were his face should be. I look around I'm in the woods. I run trying to get away but the creature is right behind me. I fall down. "No please dont hurt me" JEFF! HELP ME SOME BODY HELP!!! i scream but no one hears me. I start crying. I look around the monster is gone i get up and run again. I run deeper into the woods. All the sudden I see a little girl with brown hair she is crying. I walk up to her. She truns to me holding a teddy bear in one hand and wiping her tears with the other. The writting on her dress says Sally. S-Sally are you ok. She looks up at me. "Please play with me" sally says. All the sudden the monster was back I trun to look at sally and she was gone. The monster has me pinned up against a rock.


"HELP..... NO PLEASE..... LET ME GO.......HELP SOME ONE HELP ME!!!!!!!" I kick my legs and try to move my body but i cant move. I scream louder HELP SOME ONE HELP ME!!!!!!! 



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