The love for a killer

The story is about a Girl named Amy who fell in love with a killer but not just any killer it was Jeff the killer this girl made jeff feel some way he never did before.


6. Jeff has a sister??!?!?!?!

Amy's pov:

I wake up and go down stairs. I walk in the kitchen and see the same little girl i did in my dream. She looked the same as she did in my dream. I run upstairs and wake Jeff up. "Jeff wake someone is in the house. Jeff get up there is a girl in the house!" I go back down stairs the girl is looking at the wall to her left. "Oh My Lanta" I yell. I run back upstairs Jeff get the fuck up someone is in the house. I walk to the bed and slap Jeff across the face. "Ow! what the fuck was that for!?" He yelled at me. "you wouldn't wake up I'm sorry." I say with my voice cracking. "T-T-There is a girl down stairs he has blood on her" Jeff gets up and rushes to my dresser. He moves some clothes around and grabs a knife. He walks slowly to the door and sneaks quietly down the stairs. Walks into the kitchen. He looks at Sally drawing with a pencil. He lowers the knife. "Sally sweetheart what are you doing here?" He asked her in a calm voice. 

Jeff's pov:

"Bubba!....The monsters at night came back after you left. Why did you leave me for so long. You said you would come back like you always did." Sally said crying. "I'm really sorry little one I forgot all about the monsters. I have been with my new friend Amy." I say with a smile. "How did you find her house?" I asked confused "The scary man told me" She says crying more. I pick Sally up holding her "It's ok princess don't cry bubba is here now......I won't leave you again I promise" "I'll make you some pancakes. Can you go hang out with Amy while I make them please?" I ask Sally with a smile "OK!" Sally replies cheerfully. 

Amy's pov:

"How about we get you cleaned up and in some new clothes first" I say looking at jeff afterwards. "Thats a good idea I'm gonna go put some clothes on Sally you go do what Amy tells you ok?" Jeff says to sally. "W-W-Will she make me play the game? she asked scared" "No she will never make you play the game!" Jeff yelled then went up stairs. "Ok sally I'm gonna clean off your head ok?" I say smiling "Ok" she said with a smile. "Ok now that your head is cleaned off I'll run your bath water and get you some clean clothes." "NO NO NO NOT THE GAME PLEASE NOT THE GAME!" Sally yelled. Jeff came running down the stairs. "Sally what is going on? It's ok she isn't making you play the game." Jeff looked at me "Amy what did you say to her?" "A-All i said was i was gonna run her bath water and get her some clean clothes." "what did i say wrong?" i started crying "No Amy it's ok you didnt do anything qrong And Sally all Amy wants you to do is take a bath she will be outside the door in case you need anything. Like back at my place. ok it's ok" He said looking at us both. "Ok... can you clean teddy for me please" Sally asked "Yes i can clean teddy for you. And i can clean your dress. But you can wear one of the shirts I can't wear anymore. And some panites from wheni was younger that i haven't gotten rid of yet. And some shorts" I say smiling

Skip to Afternoon:

Sally pov:

"Bubba I'm sleepy. Are the monsters gonna get me here?" I don't like the monsters. "No you are safe here and i think it's a good time for a nap. Let's go to the room" Bubba says  he picked me and carried me to a room Bubba laid me down and the girl came up with teddy he was nice and warm. My eyes got really heavy. 

Athors note ok so i hope you like it i ran out of time so the next chapter will tell you what happend to sally but TBH i dont know her whole story but im going to do my best But i hope you like it :)


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