The Joy of Creation

The animatronics have returned, but your still being stalked, and it's night. The worst time of all


1. The Beggining

Hello, welcome to a new kind of FNAF game, Free-Roam, a different kind, you know? This seems different kind, who are you in this FNAF Free-Roam, Who knows, So, you would think you are the stalker, But no, you are STILL being stalked, so, there is a certain amount of time to collect objects, some seem impossible dew to the animatronics .... let's say, there STILL not friendly at night. You play as Scott Cathan, the creater of the most so popular game Five Night's at Freddy's, not all like it, most do though. This is a fan-made version of that, it's called The Joy of Creation and The Joy of creation: Reborn, both are FP of course. (First Person)  if you didn't know, he has created a few FNAF Fan-Games, Like, Five Night's at candy's, ( I Have completed 7/20, :DDDDD) the second one, Those Night's at Rachel's, ( Book is in progress by InaguaralCorpse :) ) So this is a good horror FP game, it takes horror to the next level, WARNING, DO NOT PLAY IF YOU HAVE ELIPSY, fear of flashing light's I think, maybe not fear, just hurts their eyes?
 Anyway, if you don't, and you like FPH, Play this game  (First Person Horror) You only have a flashlight, to help you see in the night, don't look at Foxy with it activated though, Good Luck, your objective is to find all objects within the givin time. 

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