Autumns Last Leaf

This is a sonnet that I've written based on the song "Feathers Across the Seasons" which is based off of a Japanese folklore called "The Crane Maiden"
I can't say much else without ruining it but I'll just say- if you listen to the song while you read, get your tissues.


1. Autumns Last Leaf


This is my first ever Sonnet so it may be bad since I never used iambic pentameter before



The crane that soared so gorgeously that day

Has forever lost its wings of torn snow

Her love fighting a war never to go away

Her only hope to pray and to sew


She weaved clothes all through the day and the night

Ignoring her fingers so painful stings

To save her love from this eternal fight

Begging for some held as the last bird sings


Her wish not granted she silently cries

As her wings become lesser with each dress

As she stares at the greying, lifeless skies

She keeps weaving even through all the stress


The last leaf of autumn falls as she stares

Praying her love doesn’t fall like that leaf

As each feather she weaves takes their own wares

As her despair and sorrow slowly seeps


She falls as her last hope dies forever

Would you still love me without a feather?

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