Zoe gets a surprise appear on her doorstep but little did she sknow it would change her aspect on life and her relationship......


7. seven🌅

zoes pov.


I woke up early this morning so I slowly crawled out of bed and tiptoed down stirs... I did my usual routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, feeding nala ect... 




I turned to see joes name had popped up on the screen it read.... I'm so sorry about Louise x 

I texted him a quick reply saying thank you and he sent a an extremely fast response... I was wondering you and Alfie would like to come meet my new gf at the weekend? 

Today was Wednesday and I didn't even know he had a girlfriend...I genuinely do feel happy for him but i don't really feel like getting excited about anything right now.

** skip rest of conversation with joe** 


I switched my phone off then headed off to the kitchen as I was feeling a little hungry. That's when I heard Alfie fridge down the stairs with tiny darcy laid on his shoulders. aaww...that's so cute, I always knew he'd be great with kids.

I gave him quick kis on the lips and ccontinued my search for a nice brekki.

"It will all be ok you know" I heard Alfie at as we sat down to have our coco pops, Darcy sat in a baby seat I bought for her the other day so we could eat together.

I sighed and replied " I know...I loveyou!" 

"I love you too!" He replied then he gave a me quic kiss, I heard Darcy squeal and we all giggled.



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