Zoe gets a surprise appear on her doorstep but little did she sknow it would change her aspect on life and her relationship......


10. Nine 🔐

Zoe POV 

When we finally reach Joe's apartment, we stumble out of the car and make our way up to the front doors of his building in London. 

Joe only found out about Louise a few days ago, so he knows what were going through right now. Like before, i push the thought to the back of my mind and push the buzzer for his flat. As soon as my finger lifts off the button, i hear my brothers croaky voice coming from the speaker. He lets us in and we head straight for the lift. Eventually, we reached his door, Darcy in stitches from the butterflies we all experienced as the elevator zoomed up. Her cute little laugh lights me up inside every time. I love them so much, Alfie and Darcy i mean.


We step inside and i see a lovely young girl, around my brothers age, sat on the couch with her laptop. she has beautiful brown hair that falls perfectly on her shoulders. She turns around when she notices we've walked in. She has big blue eyes with very long lashes and her make up looks great too. Shes wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a white tee, with folded up sleeves on her arm. she also wears a black leather jacket and pair of black and white pumps to complete her look. She looks great. Joe did good for himself..;) i think to myself as she stands up and starts to walk up to us, side by side with joe.

i cant wait to meet her!!!

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